Williamsite is a rare translucent or transparent form of antigorite serpentine. Most specimens have minor inclusions of chromite and magnetite. It has a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale.

How much is Williamsite worth? The value of natural Williamsite varies depending on size, quality and color. Buying direct from AJS Gems you are assured of getting the best value in the market.


Williamsite - 21.95 carats
# WLS1154WD
22.26 x 16.50 x 9.50 mm
Untreated, Translucent
US $436.00
Williamsite - 21.27 carats
# WLS0952WD
22.16 x 16.49 x 9.41 mm
Untreated, Translucent
US $422.00
Williamsite - 14.63 carats
# WLS1420WD
19.76 x 14.12 x 8.32 mm
Untreated, Translucent
US $295.00
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