Dear Rung: I picked up my package a few days ago and just wanted to say thank
you for your very prompt service and for keeping in touch with me while it was in
transit. I am very pleased and much appreciate your help.

London, UK / December, 05
Greetings Rung,
I received the gemstone order Friday and am quite pleased with the
quality. The moonstone was exceptional.
Thanks very much
Kirtland, OH. / December, 05
Hi, I received the ruby I ordered very quickly on Friday the 15. Thank you very much, I thought it was a beautiful stone when
saw it. I refrained from e-mailing you immediately though until the local jeweler with whom we have worked with for several
years had a chance to look at it. She thinks it is a great stone and a very good value. I really appreciate you not taking
advantage of my ignorance of gems in general and rubies in particular. My wife is very happy with it and has picked out a
couple of settings she is considering with her jeweler. Thank you once again. I will be ordering stones from you again in the
future. My wifes birthday is in July and of course there is always Valentines day...

Geffrey T.
Anchorage, Ak. December, 05