Dear Arnold,

Thank for for taking the time to write back. I am extremely pleased with the gems that I bought from you/AJS. I Iooked extensively
at other online inventories to compare price and quality, and have tried other online, TV shopping, and gem show sources without
this success. Nothing compares to the stones that I bought from AJS. I am having the aquamarine set over the holiday, and I am
eagerly anticipating it being done. I am particularly happy with the spessartite - "Mandarin Garnet". I bought one from a TV shopping
source, and still had it to compare with the stone that I bought from you. There was no comparison, and the shopping TV price was
so much higher. Luckily I can return it and get my money back.

I am pleased to have found a source for reasonably priced, high-quality color gemstones as I have dabbled in jewelry design, and
sold jewelry on a small scale. With gemstones of the quality that I bought from you, it will be hard to part with them. Perhaps I wont
I will continue to look at AJS as a source for gemstones for both my personal and for sale jewelry.

Diane G.
November 2005