This ones not about Gems but was so sweet we just had to put it up....
How fascinating to receive a newsletter from Thailand about local conditions. I am still not used to this worldwide email service but
love its ease of connection and business.

We have heavy wet but beautiful snow here today, the day before our American Thanksgiving Day. Our house tomorrow will be
filled with friends and family eating oyster stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes and wonderful gravy, sweet potato/marshmallow
casserole, mushroom/green bean casserole, a relish of cranberries, oranges, and nuts, cheese, olive and pecan tray, wines and a
good stiff gin-and-tonic for me. Somehow, our Thanksgiving Day has become synonymous with food, even more than Christmas.
But we do remember to give thanks for such blessings and we share what we can with those in need.

So, thank you for a window on your part of the world...would that we could all live in peace.

Take care,
Laine F.
South Bend, IN.USA
November 2005