Hi, Matt! :) - and thanks for your usual fast response.

OK Lets put holds on both SPI-00302 and SPI-00295 - that pairing really does look great.

And, lets put a hold on TPR-00068 and TPR-00069; I want both, but I will probably end up deciding between them.

If there are any concerns holding these selections for this amount of time, please let me know - I dont want to inconvenience you in any way. But, as always, I really appreciate your willingness to hold items for me as in the past.

Now, as far as the site goes, the adjustments are very good improvements, as searching/comparing stones is a lot easier. I might suggest one minor change - having an option to view "all items" at once (admittedly, this is not really necessary), as some sites have, but the 48 per page feature is really good, and more than adequate.
Otherwise, the sites aesthetic is even better than before, lots of good colour and impressive stones to "wow" a visitor to the site. It gives a really obvious impression of selection, variety and quality to the site and its contents. Nicely done!.

Thats about it for now, so I will be in touch again closer to the end of April, so thanks again for the holds, and youll hear from me soon enough; I do my taxes this week(end), so I will have a better picture of this orders feasability not to far from now..

Take care, all! :).