Dear Arnold & Rung (Ms),

Just recieved it this morning. Arnold, much thanks to you and Rung (Ms) and everyone else for all that youve done. I
should have this set in a week or so. Ill send you a picture when its done.
Ive never really looked at gemstones until recently. What a fascinating business youre in. So many different gems, I
would have never guessed. Kind of like my first tattoo, I think Im hooked.
on each side of this sapphire,but, now Im thinking of using some Montana (YOGO) sapphires instead. I like the idea
that they are a baby blue type color and think they would just help the ring look more unique. Im not locked into the
Montana sapphires if, you can point me in the direction of something similar without going towards anything with a
green hue/color in it. Im thinking of something in the .50 carat range.

Mike C.
Portland, OR / November, 05