Ill definitely give you plenty of notice before we plan a trip to see you guys in Bangkok. And please, please,
please note well definitely work around your schedule.

Weve started an exciting new collection of Alexandrite heirloom pieces - as well as some luxe collections
containing AAA sapphires and padparascha. Needless to say, AJS is a nice fit with us. As I said, though, I
absolutely cannot believe your carat weights and your pricing in chrysoberyl, alexandrite, sphene, sapphire,
padparascha, ruby, tsavorite, and, well, everything else you carry!

What youve done with AJS gems - aside from allowing any consumer to partake of gorgeous exotics - is youve
allowed couture boutiques the LUXURY of paying less for top quality stones which we can turn around and
pass on to our clients. Really phenomenal haute couture pieces become available to clients who may not
have been able to afford the all-too-often $100,000 - $250,000/piece price range that many such stones often
become part of when set in fine jewelry. Spreading the love of exotics and heirloom-quality pieces is what
were all about. To move forward and be able to offer even BETTER quality at lower prices, well, thats the
feather in our cap.

We all look so very forward to working with you, meeting your staff, and corresponding with you in the next few
months. I truly cannot tell you how much your work, your ethic, and your obvious care in handling each order is

Best to you - and Ill begin planning our trip soon, around your schedule of course.

Again, many thanks.

Jonathan Sizemore
Jamestown, NC. / May, 05