THIS IS ALL TO COMMON....... PLEASE READ ON ................

Upon receiving my blue sapphire (a 2.3 ct blue trillian) the first jeweler i took it to, told me that I had been duped. Without spending time to really look at it, he said that it was almost certainly synthetic because it "looked too good". I contacted AJs where I was told to have it officially looked at and if it wasnt what had been described, they would take the gem back and refund the price of the gemologists work.
I took them up on that and had it examined. WOW!!! The story sure changed. I have nothing but praise for the gem which was appraised at several times what i paid. We went last week to have it placed in a ring for my wife and the jeweler (well respected in the area and not the one who had been such a jerk before) actually showed it around to others in the store.
THANK YOU, AJS....not only for the beautiful stone but for your patience with newbie buyers like me.

Best regards,
Jay and Pam
Eastern Shore, Maryland, USA