Dear Rung, 1 1/2 years ago I ordered 3 Yellow Labradorite stones from AJS. When I received them,
I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the stones. The color, cut and near loop clean clarity was more then I expected.
I sent my 10.50ct stone off last month to have an Appraisal done by a top GG (GIA) RMV NJA appraiser. When I opened the Appraisal I had to take a chair !
My $35.00 AJS stone came back at Estimated Value: $683.00.It was an SI/1 clarity.
Please tell anyone who is thinking of ordering from your company, that your gem stones are the very finest to be had !
I only wish I had ordered more Labradotite then I did. No were could I find a stone from Africa of your quality.
Thank You Rung ! Liz W. Gig Harbor, WA. USA
June, 07