Dear Arnold, Sambaht, and Rungawee,

Sa wa dee? :-)

      I just got the blue zircon that I ordered as of today. I said the first time I got my mother to get a sapphire from you that it would not be the last time we deal with AJS Gems. Here I am a few orders later, and I am very impressed as usual. I wanted to tell you a little about my thoughts on my latest addition, and I also wanted to give you a little update on 2 items in particular that you might find interesting that came from AJS Gems.

      My biggest issue when I went to find a blue zircon on your site was that there were so many comparable stones to choose from in my price range, it was a little tough deciding based on what I wanted to do. Blue zircon is my birth stone, and I wanted to make a simular version of another ring I have with a stone comparable in the face up size to my blue topaz. Finding the size stone I was looking for or maybe a little bigger was not a problem. I wanted one that was not only clean, but saturated with color. The one I wanted originally was a cushion cut that someone else bought before I had a chance too. I can't blame them one bit. Regardless, having dealt with AJS Gems in the past, I had a very good idea as to what it was I was getting. I ended up getting an oval that is just a little too rounded to be a cushion, but I have no regrets at all.

      When I was taking this thing out of the bubble wrap, I could notice before I got it unwrapped that it had a very good color to it as I expected. I was also anticipating a more rounded pavillion based on the dimensions and the image on the site. I was correct, and I was quite pleased to see this very full and rounded pavillion. The crown is on the flatter side, but with the way the pavillion is cut, it works so well. There really isn't much of a girdle at all, and overall I have to say that it's not often that you can find a given stone cut as well as this zircon. There are no windows in this stone. The proportions are very good for this particular stone. Not only is it well proportioned, I believe that there is a single point for a cutlet, which is a tell tale sign of the skill of whoever cut that thing. I am quite impressed with the cutting alone. People don't realize how hard that is to pull off and do it right; this zircon was cut really right.

      I have always liked the step cutting that was once popular in the US back in the 1950's, and it's a tell tale sign anymore of an overseas cut. Due to the opitcal properties of zircon, and the step cutting, it has a little bit of the effect that a Portuguesse oval would have. One of the first things I noticed about the stone is that it has that tell tale colorless pleochroic effect that blue zircons have. There are some green undertones that combined with the plechroism that is almost like taking a Paraiba tourmaline and a dark aquamarine and combinging them. It's a distinctive color that to me puts even the best London blue topaz in perspective.

       It is also interesting to note that when I took a loupe to this stone, there is one area in question as it's very hard for me to tell if what I am seeing are just tiny specs of dirt on the outside beneath the girdle or if they are just specs that appear to be pinhead in size under a loupe. Other than that, there isn't a single inclusion in there. Even if those miniscule specs are inclusions, they are hardly worth mentioning. It is a testament as to the strict and conservative nature that AJS uses to grade their stones. Given that, almost loupe clean might be underestimating how clean this stone really is. To put it in perspective, if you were to grade this stone like a diamond, it would be the equal of a VVS1 by the strictest GIA interpretation. Some might say it's flawless but not internally flawless as the suspect inclusions are no bigger than a pin head in size under 10x. This is some super clean material by any standard. Overall, this is collector quality material as this is about as pure of a color as you could possibly ask for in a blue zircon with not a whole lot of tone-in my personal opinion.

      Now, let me tell you about 2 other things me and my family obtained via AJS Gems. Let me start with the very first thing we ever ordered. Right about the time that beryllium treated yellow sapphires were starting to become abundant in Thailand, my mother bought a canary yellow sapphire from AJS Gems. The color is so incredibly pure, it's mind blowing. Out of curiosity, my mother asked someone we've dealt with for years in retail if she could get a 2 carat canary yellow that was at least eye clean-like the one AJS Gems sold.

      Not only were we not told how clean the stone would be, the price guide stopped at a measley 1 carat. The first carat back then was $1000. She said that she would have to call find out about a 2 carat stone, and she assured us that the price per carat would go up considerably. I saw one other vendor at a show with some rarer colored stones for sale. He had a 1.25ct~ yellow sapphire. It wasn't cut nearly as well, smaller, and windowed. It looked a lot like a light fancy yellow diamond. The one AJS Gems sold to my mother looks more like an intense fancy yellow diamond, and was a lot better cut. This guy was asking $1200 for that stone.

      Just to be safe, I decided to do some experimenting with that yellow sapphire as I could see a slight orange vein in one hairline inclusion. The inclusion says Ceylon all over it as was disclosed. I figured I would loupe the thing under UV flouresence to tell for sure that it was only heated as disclosed. Sure enough, you could see the zoning only under UV flourescence under magnification, and it was in such a way that it was not consistent with any berylium treatments. The stone was exactly as it was disclosed-natural in composition and heat treated only.

      I got a lovely an relatively inexpensive cornflower blue sapphire earlier in the year. I did learn that the stone disclosed as heated turned out to be unheated. I was really pleasantly suprised to learn this, and I couldn't believe it as I researched my own findings and observations. The tell tale sign at first was the terminating crystals within under 30x. That is one of the 2 tell tale signs that say the stone was not treated in anyway at all.

      I decided to show someone I know of that works in a very high end jewelry store. I told this person that I wanted to show them this stone because they could appreciate it for what it was moreso than anyone, which is the only reason I would show them this stone. When I put it on the counter, this person sucked out half of the air in the room at first sight. That particular sapphire looked nearly identical in color and tone to the famed Hope Diamond (which I have seen in person years ago). Under their lighting, you could readily see a very soft glow about the stone, and the rutilite looked like a powder silver tone. It has a silvery silky texture to it under good lighting conditions, and that's a tell tale sign that it hasn't undergone any thermal enhancement of any kind.

      I was a little scared leaving after that, and I'll tell you why. This person tried to get out of me what I paid for that stone. I told them that's not what I was there for, and if I told them what I paid for it, they might not speak to me again. LOL. This place told me a number, that if I paid that number for it, it would have been an awesome deal. That number not only a few times what I paid AJS Gems for it, it was less than they could have bought it for to put in there store! Knowing how the jewelry industry works, I could do the math. I couldn't believe what the list price would be based on that-and being conservative with only 2 keystone. I refuse to part with that stone, and I am saving it potentially for when and if I ever get married; it would make a great stone for an engagement ring that I have envisioned.

      I can't say anything bad about AJS gems at all. What I can tell you is that you and your staff are extremely honest, respectable, and honorable as such. I have never had an issue with AJS Gems. I don't plan on having one, and I can't say that I have ever had anything from your establishment that I was dissappointed with. I have never had anything from you that hasn't met my expectations. The merchandise is in fact of quality, and it in no way resembles anything unscrupulous.

      I have said this before, and I will say it again. Your organization and it's staff are very worthy of honor and respect. I am truly blessed to be able to do business with you and add things to my collection as I can afford to, and be able to acquire some of God's most sought after creations that I couldn't obtain otherwise-especially of the caliber of quality you offer.

      Now...which stone do I want to go after next? LOL.

Thank you so much for the lovely blue zircon..
NC, USA/ September, 07