Hi Arnold, Rung, Matt, et abla.

I finally got my star ruby after a slight snag with US Customs. It wasn\t anything major, but it just came about at an inoppurtune time. I want to thank you Arnold personally for calling my and keeping me up to date on things. I really appreciate it. Can you get better customer service than that? No.

In all of my years, I have only seen 1 star ruby at a retail level. I saw it in a place dealing with estate pieces. It looked like they placed the star ruby in a mounting from Stuller. It had an appraisal with it that put the value of the star at about $800-$1000/carat adjusting for the list price of the mounting. It had a great star. It was around 6 carats if I recall correctly. It was completely opaque. It was obviously zoned. You could tell it was natural, but it looked more like a bowling ball than anything.

Other than that, I haven\t seen any natural corundum with asterism of quality in years that wasn\t lab created. I can show you star sapphires locally that are synthetics. You want natural? Forget it my way-and transluscent/transparent at that. I have not seen any star ruby that is semi-transluscent, natural, and over 5 carats at a retail level. I haven\t even seen synthetic star rubies being sold.

If you shop around with other dealers online or elsewhere, yes you can find 5 carat goods. Are they going to be semi-transluscent? No. Are they going to be sold for the same prices? I\ve seen others charge more money for smaller stones than what AJS Gems sells larger, cleaner stones for in this material. I can also tell you that if you want semi-transluscent and over 3 carats, and you don\t want a super dark color, forget it.

I did see one other semi-transluscent star ruby from Vietnam from another reputable online seller. It was over 7 carats. Someone actually bought it for $13,000 or there abouts. So if someone wants a star ruby, go see what others charge, and then come back to AJS and realize you have a better variety and a lot better pricing for quality material than others. The only other material I\ve seen pricing like this per carat is some really dark African stuff, and then there is some very poor quality Indian materal that\s opaque or other excessively twined material.

Some people like something a little more pink in color. The Vietnam material has that, and some have said before that the quality of the Vietnam material is as good as the Burma goods. In some light, you might suspect this to be Burma-it\s not. There are no twine planes in this material like you see in some other stuff from other localities. The larger the stone, either the color, quality of the asterism, clarity, or combination thereof starts getting tough to find.