Sphalerite is a zinc sulphide that is quite rare in gem quality. It is popular with collectors for its extraordinary fire or dispersion, which is greater than that of diamond.

How much is Sphalerite worth? The value of natural Sphalerite varies depending on size, quality and color. Buying direct from AJS Gems you are assured of getting the best value in the market.

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Sphalerite - 16.39 carats
# SPR8334SP
14.40 x 14.40 x 10.03 mm
Almost Loupe Clean, Untreated
Amazing Fire
US $3,295.00
Sphalerite - 9.30 carats
# SPR8176WD
12.22 x 12.22 x 7.91 mm
Almost Loupe Clean, Untreated
US $1,750.00