Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite or mandarin garnet ranges in color from a vivid orange to reddish orange and orange-red. The orange color derives from manganese, while the addition of traces of iron produce a redder color. Almost all our spessartite collection is from the original deposit of clean, vivid orange material from Nigeria. That deposit is now depleted and recent finds tend to be lower quality.

How much is spessartite worth? The value of natural spessartite garnet varies greatly depending on size, quality and color. Buying direct from AJS Gems you'll get the best value in the market.

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# GSP5222LK
5.30 x 4.30 x 3.20 mm
Unheated, Eye Clean
US $62.00
# GSP4860LK
6.50 x 4.40 x 3.30 mm
Unheated, Eye Clean
US $59.00
Mandarin Spessartite Garnet - 0.67 carats
# GSP7769NT
5.10 x 5.10 x 3.40 mm
Unheated, Slightly Included
US $40.00