Black Star Sapphire - 62.38 carats

An excellent matched set of Black Star Sapphires. This is a perfect trio of stones for a ring/earrings set or pendant/earring set, whichever suits your desires. The three gems all have great stars, bright, sharp and well matched. The stones have been carefully cut and polished for great shape and full luster. The large single gem is 30.52 cts, 19.24 x 16.51 x 8.41 mm. The matched pair has a total weight of 31.86 cts, with each gem about 14.81 x 12.96 x 7.30 mm. We can set these fine gems in custom jewelry just for you.

Total weight: 62.38 carats
Price (USD): $2,999.00
Mixed, Set

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May 06, 2021


Natural Black Star Sapphire
Pieces: 3 Pc
Weight: 62.38 Cts
Size: Mixed, Set
Shape: Oval
Cut: Cabochon
Origin: Thailand
Comment: Heated
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