Mozambique Ruby - 5.05 carats

A very fine Mozambique ruby in a large size. High quality rubies over 5 carats are extremely rare and valuable. This Mozambique ruby is notable for its superb color -- a pure red, leaning neither to pink nor orange. The tone also is just about ideal, and this well cut ruby will set up beautifully in jewelry. You are unlikely to find a better value in a 5 carat ruby in today's market. A certificate From GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) stating the color as "vivid red" "pigeon's blood" is included with the purchase of this fine gemstone (see below). We also have a certificate from American Gemological Laboratories (AGL). Click here to view the AGL report.

Note: due to video compression, the fluorescence of these gems tends to appear slightly orange in the video. The red color in the still photo is accurate.

Total weight: 5.05 carats
Price (USD): $229,500.00
10.08 x 8.74 x 6.03 mm
Mozambique Ruby - 5.05 carats

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