Absolutely stunning Scapolite

Hello Ron, I have been so busy but everything is finally settling nicely, so I can write a proper message expressing my thanks. I am very grateful to you for your frank assessments, patience, and advice about the [30.98 ct] scapolite. I have seen many cuts for scapolite stones of varying quality, veering between mediocre cuts to precision-brilliance but overly flashy (and not to my liking). I had not found anything that expresses calmness, wisdom and unwavering elegance as I want in a scapolite, until AJS Gems. Love the details, the serenity, the balance, the quiet confidence that is beautifully expressed in the artistry for this custom AJS-cut scapolite gemstone. Absolutely stunning under different lights, because it knows how to shine in a soothing manner without being gaudy or annoying. Looking at it now, after having perused it several times before in different moods, my instincts happily reaffirm my senses that it is even more than what I had expected from the video. I now know how to go forward to set this scapolite, to complement my sunstones plus other jewellery. My deepest thanks for an interesting and engaging buying experience, which has also taught me many important things!

-- AS, Singapore, May 2021