Entrancing Morganite

Ron, the pendant made by S.J. arrived a few days ago, and I had my first in person look at the stone [12.60 ct Morganite]. Frankly, I had no idea what to expect from the still photo on your website or from the video. The color, in my judgment, is more subtle and a different hue from what I anticipated. Having said that, the color and life of the stone vastly exceed my best hope. To my eye the stone is an entrancing, limpid peach with hints of orange and pink. It is wonderfully bright and perfectly transparent; and, while definitely a pastel, it is robust enough to hold its own amid the significant diamonds around it. The most import thing is you told me the stone is exceptional, and your advice, as ever, turned out to be true. Joan finds the morganite so entrancing that, when she's not wearing the pendant, she often opens the box just to look and delight in it. (This is her first and only morganite. She's named it J.P.) As usual, S.J. did an excellent job with the setting. Thanks for your help in this matter, Ron. I'll send you a photo soon. Best,

-- EM, USA, Jul 2017

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