We Now Accept Payment by Bitcoin


We accept Bitcoin


We are now accepting payment by bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has begun to fulfill its promise in e-commerce, and can lower costs for both merchants and consumers.

To make a payment by bitcoin, submit your order from our Checkout page. You will then receive an email with a link to make your payment from your bitcoin wallet.

All of our transactions are computed in US dollars, and then converted to bitcoin at the time of payment, using the current exchange rate.

For bitcoin investors who are looking to diversify their holdings, rare gemstones are an attractive option. Gemstone investing is not for everyone. But for those who love fine gems and beautiful jewelry, rare gems have a good history of increasing in value over time. When the stock market is declining and currency is losing value, gemstones tend to be a reliable store of value that is also compact, portable and private.

Though gemstones are not as liquid as gold, a high quality Burmese ruby or Ceylon sapphire will always retain value. New discoveries, like the valuable neon spinel discovered in Mahenge, Tanzania in 2007, provide new opportunities for collectors. But in general, the world demand for fine gemstones far exceeds the supply, and gemstone prices mainly move upward over time.

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