Thanks so much for this beautiful gem

I got the stone [11.26 ct Morganite] in good time. I was immediately impressed by the radiance of colour even before I got the bubble wrap off of it. There was a very obvious salmony-pink glow from within the confines of the wrap, and when I got closer and closer to the stone I was getting really excited by the brightness and colour. It is, indeed, a "wow" stone - you certainly weren't kidding on that part. And if you haven't already figured it out - I am very happy with the stone. I am thinking about a purely white gold setting - little border of diamonds (7-pt or so) all around the stone, simple bale, white gold chain. I was - repeat, WAS - thinking about rose gold for the bale/chain, but I think even that would take away from the stone - I want it to be ALL about this beautiful morganite! Thanks so much for this beautiful gem, not to mention all your helpful advice. Take care all - pictures as they become available.

-- ES, Canada, Jun 2017

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