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We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I received my Burmese spinel today and it is exactly as I expected. It is a beautiful crimson red and will make an amazing ring.  The colour, cut and clarity are all top notch.  I have come to expect this kind of quality from AJS.  The old saying that "you get what you pay for" could never be more true than when buying gemstones. Rest assured, if you buy from AJS, you are getting the very best.  Thank you very much.
-- Kirk V., Ontario, Canada, Aug 2012

Dear AJS Gems, 

Just a quick thanks, have been very pleased with all the stones we have received from you. Am truly delighted by the colour change garnets. We'll be wanting GCC3818NT next month if sales keep up and if it's still available. 

Best Wishes,

-- Garth, Isle of Skye, Scotland, July 2012

I just wanted to write to thank you for the 1.98 ct Yellow Sapphire, .88ctw of matched Burmese Rubies, and the blue star sapphire.  All of these gems are wonderful and exceeded my high expectations.  I will be returning shortly to buy more from you.  The delivery time was shorter than estimated too!  Thank you for your help, these stones are treasures!

-- Emy, 
GA, USA, May, 2012 

Hi Ron,

I received the spinel today and I am very happy! It is a beautiful stone! Thank you very much for your help!


-- GM, Oklahoma, USA, June 2012

Hi Ron, 

It was fun tracking the package as it went from Thailand to Malaysia to Taiwan to Alaska to the mainland U.S., and now it has arrived!  The stone [jeremejevite] is marvelous!  Thank you very much for your patience with my payments and for your professional and attentive help along the way.

Best regards,

-- Jon, Ithaca, NY USA, June 2012

Good afternoon, I today received the Kunzite and I am absolutely delighted.  Thank you so much for your efficiency and professionalism.  Greatly appreciated. If you have any specials, please let me know. Many thanks.

 -- Gina H., Cape Town, South Africa, March, 2012

On Monday, 3/26, I received the stones I ordered from you. I am thrilled! The photos on your website do not do them justice. They sparkle even in dim light. Thank you for your service. I am interested in RUB9053SS. It is described as eye-clean but looks included. Do you have a better picture? Many thanks.

 -- Susan C, GA, USA, March, 2012

Arnold and Rung, I purchased 2 .25ctw white diamonds for $188 each and had them set in screw back settings and had them appraised. The earrings appraised for 1200.00  Thank you for having such  beautiful stones at such reasonable prices. I have recommended you to all my friends, and the colored gemstones I bought are awesome!! I will be purchasing more soon!

 -- Joyce M, GA, USA, March, 2012

Glad to be able to purchase some more gemstones. Some of the other pieces I bought a few years ago are in jewelry making some people very happy. Hopefully business for me begins to pick up and I can continue to make some quality gem purchases.

Hi, received my order and very happy with them. regards

-- Lucy, Malaysia, March, 2012

I was looking at the stones in my last order, and I am truly amazed at the cutting, the color and the quality of stones. They are awesome. I have recommended my friends that love gemstones to give AJS a try, I appreciate all the is done, Thank your Rung and Arnold

-- Joyce M., GA, USA, March, 2012

Hello AJSgem, I just received the item I ordered today. It is absolutely beautiful. I am the sole buyer and appraiser at a pawn shop is San Diego California. I will refer all my customers to your business and definitely order personally from you again. Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend.

- Dominic A.CA, USA, March, 2012

Dear Sir,
After much deliberation, I made my fist purchase. I must honestly say, I was very skeptical about buying any gemstone online but after reading reviews of AJS on other sites, I was convinced.
I bought a Portugese Cut 2.56 carat aquamarine, heated origin from Brazil.
I received notice that delievery was between 2-4 days and "WOW" was I surprised when I received my package in just 2 days.
My precious Aquamarine was more beautiful than in the photo. I have always love the gentle beauty of the Aquamarine gem and I am ever so glad I made my purchase.
AJS GEMS has certainly found a life long customer. Thank you ever so much.

-- Annemarie C., Singapore, December, 2011

Thank You, Rung, for the STUNNING Goshenite!
I’ve had a LOT of trouble matching it to a slightly larger stone set in a silver pendant with tanzanite side stones. I recently found a silver ring setting with tanzanite sidestones but could not find a Goshenite with the slight glolden (heliodor) to match-- all I was finding were slightly blue (aquamarine) stones and they looked HORRIBLE with the tanzanite.
Then I found AJS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This oval stone I purchased from you was (AMAZINGLY) the EXACT color and cut of the first one!!!!!!!!!!! What remarkable good fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I appreciate your professionalism, great communication, and obvious dedication to pleasing the customer, I will be back, and I will tell others!
Much continued success to you in 2012, 

-- D.R.S, CA, USA, December, 2011
I just got my package and just wanted to say how pleased I am. I really love the cut of this stone. It's a Christmas gift. The ring we'll put it in will be an anniversary present. I certainly look forward to purchase more gems from AJS in the future.
A happy customer,

-- Ed M., TX, USA, December, 2011

Dear Ron,

Last summer I've purchased one of your peridot for my ring. Just a short story behind this ring. My mom passed away 15 years ago. I've decided to make a ring out of her wedding band. Her wedding band was 14 carat gold, old european style and quite big.
I added some more gold ( total weight is close to 20 grams ), your stone and 24 diamonds. Ring will be ready in a couple of weeks. I remember you ask me to send you a picture. There it is.
My mom is always with us and now I can have her warmth in my hand all the time. And after my time will come ( I'm 71) this ring will go to my son.

I hope all of you survive that disaster of epic proportions. My old friend's wife is from Thailand. He was there during Vietnam years. They still have relatives in Thailand and I got all news of what was happening there from them.

I like to thank you again for that beautiful stone for my special ring.
Peridot Ring
With warmest regards,

-- Vadim B., MN, USA, November, 2011

Dear Rung,

Thank you for your reply to my question...i did receive a notice today and collected my purchase this afternoon.

I have to say i am very happy with my gem stone, so beautiful and much nicer than the image shown on website.
Thank you, i look forward to turning it into a unique item piece.

 -- Luisa, Australia, November, 2011

Dear AJS,

Just got my beautiful Paraiba! I adore it and can hardly wait to get it appraised!!!

-- Kimberly L, AL, USA, November, 2011 

Hi Rung,
I just wanted to let you know that we just received our Peridot stone.... and it is gorgeous, my wife is beside her self with excitement.
Thank you so much

-- Bob and Lee ,OK, USA, November, 2011

Dear Rung,

Thank you very much.  I would like to takeup the offer of FedEx shipping.

The two trillion spinels that I have just received are absolutely beautiful. The fire they display is amazing.  They are so bright and a stunning pink.

I'm hoping this pair will be the same. Your descriptions have always accurately described the stones that I have received.  I've never been disappointed so I am looking forward to receiving them.

Kind regards,

-- Margerita, NSW, Australia, November, 2011 


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