Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Hi there Arnold, Rung and all at AJS... I got the pink tourmaline in very good timing, and in perfect condition.

The stone is fabulous, and better than even the site description lead me to believe. The colour is perfect and exactly what I was hoping for. This is going to be a special project, as my wife's favourite ring, a pink tourmaline and diamond combination needs to be reworked after the stone was badly chipped from a minor incident at her workplace. I have a jeweller/friend who's going to reform the ring and this should be even better than the original.

Thanks so much for your great service and wonderful product -- feel free to use this e-mail message in one of your posted reviews of customer satisfaction!

-- Ed S., Canada, Jun 2013

Dear Ron, 

Received the stones [4.40 ct Aquamarine pair] and they are beautiful. Thank you and all at AJS Gems.


-- Beverly W., Massachusetts, USA, Jun 2013

Hi Ron just to let you know my indicolite tourmaline arrived and it is absolutely stunning! Thank you for the speedy service. Till next time! Regards,

-- Michelle L, Hong Kong, Jun 2013

I received my cab today [1.98 ct gem silica], and just wanted to thank you for the stone and your help in choosing it. The color is just spectacular, and it's a gorgeous little gem. I will definitely be back!

-- Julia W., Washington, DC, USA, May 2013

Ron, the Paraiba Tourmaline, Idocrase, Danburite and Scapolite are truly lovely. They are clear, beautifully cut & their colour is striking.  My husband & I are very happy with them.

I've appreciated your prompt communication in response to my several queries before I finalised my purchase, but I was very surprised at the speed with which they arrived here.  Just as with my last purchase from you, they were well-wrapped & addressing requests were followed. 

It's reassuring to be dealing with such a professional business, Ron, & I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.

-- Christine N., Australia, May 2013

I received the Leuco Garnet yesterday and it is beautiful. It has a wonderful sparkle with just a touch of pink.

There is what appears to be a surface reaching fracture which extends to the girdle but this doesn’t affect the face up look of the gemstone. Otherwise there are very few inclusions. I’m very pleased with the gem and hope to have it set into a ring so that I can really enjoy it.

Again thank you and kind regards,

-- MB, Australia, Apr 2013

Dear Ron,

The imperial topaz I imported has arrived. It's even more lovely and beautiful than I had imagined. The color really is just like a fine cognac. I am very satisfied with everything -- the size, color, clarity. I will probably commission an artisan to turn this wonderful stone into a ring for me. I think it will certainly become one of my favorite accessories. Thank you for giving me the chance to encounter such a wonderful gemstone. I hope to shop with you again in the future. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

- Sonomi O., Japan, Apr 2013

Good day Ron,

I have received the sapphire i ordered from you, thank you i am very happy with the stone.  Regards,

-- Catherine K., South Africa, Mar 2013

As I was travelling to Bangkok I was looking at jewellery websites and I came across AJS Gems. I found a lot of information on their web which was quite different from others that I looked at. I happened to see a sapphire which caught my eye and started making enquiries. I was very nervous in the beginning as I was ordering something that I have not seen. I have to say the service was immaculate, responding swiftly to my queries. Ron was fantastic following the order at every step ensuring safe delivery. I have to add the after sale service was excellent and as a customer I felt well looked after. I feel I have found a company that I would really trust to buy gemstones in future. I am yet to see my purchase as it is in US with my daughter and she says "mum your are going to love this." Kind regards,

-- Dr. G., UK, Mar 2013


Got the stone (1.74 ct rubellite) yesterday and love the color, very strong bright magenta. We will be keeping it and are having it set in my new engagement ring. When I get it back, I will send you pics of the new ring, as well as the old ring with the original rubellite I bought from you. 

As always, thank you for all of your assistance and great service! Will be buying from you again in the future (although hopefully under happier circumstances).  

-- Kiki C., Maryland, USA, Feb 2013

Picked up the order this am. All are keepers

The aquamarines and pink tourmaline are especially dazzling.

- SV, New Jersey, USA, Feb 2013

Dear Ron,

I've just received the gems [chrome diopside and yellow beryl] which correspond perfectly to what I expected. Thank you.

Best regards,

-- Claudia P-J, France, Feb 2013

Dear Ron,

Received the Demantoid Garnet which looks lovely.  It was well-packaged & arrived safely.

Thanks for your promptness in shipping & good communication.

Best wishes,

-- Christine, Australia, Feb 2013

Dear Ron,

I know my purchase was very small in comparison to all the other wonderful gems you have on your site, however, I received my moonstone yesterday and I needed to tell you how happy I am with it. It’s much more beautiful than I expected, everything about it is just perfect. I’m having it made in to a ring with a simple gold setting. I cannot wait to wear it.

Thank you very much.

-- Emina S., New Jersey, USA, Jan 2013

Good day Ron,

I want to thank you again for the excellent customer service! My brother has received the sapphire and he loves it!


-- ZVDM, South Africa, Jan 2013

Dear Ron,

I aknowledge receipt of your parcel. Both stones [honey zircon] are good and beautiful.

Thank you very much,

-- Jalil SM, Malaysia, Jan 2013

Hi Ron,

Thanks, I received the yellow sapphire. Very nice stone ... good cutting and polish. Am very happy. I will be in touch soon. Regards and have a blessed new year.

-- Rakesh P., Kenya, Dec 2012

Dear Arnold,

The package has arrived. Everything is O.K [Mahenge spinels, Burma ruby and demantoid garnet]. Thank you and best wishes to you, your families, and all the staffs at AJS Gems. Have a wonderful Holiday and prosperous New Year!

Best Regards,

-- MRT, Massachusetts, USA, Dec 2012

Received our order today [chrome diopside and scapolite] and we are very pleased with the stones, they are excellent!

Best wishes for the holidays.

-- Rob B, New York, USA, Dec 2012

Hi Ron,

How nice of you to respond once again. I came to the same conclusion regarding color and fire and then thought about being grateful that you would compare gems in your inventory per my request and offer me your seasoned, experienced opinion. The color and scintillation of the blue apatite are absolutely outstanding! I am a very, very happy customer ... when the stone is set, probably something simple, I'd like to email you a photo. Your professionalism and quality of customer service are tops! Again, thank you Ron!  

-- Linda F., AZ, USA, Dec 2012