Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Dear Ron,

I aknowledge receipt of your parcel. Both stones [honey zircon] are good and beautiful.

Thank you very much,

-- Jalil SM, Malaysia, Jan 2013

Hi Ron,

Thanks, I received the yellow sapphire. Very nice stone ... good cutting and polish. Am very happy. I will be in touch soon. Regards and have a blessed new year.

-- Rakesh P., Kenya, Dec 2012

Dear Arnold,

The package has arrived. Everything is O.K [Mahenge spinels, Burma ruby and demantoid garnet]. Thank you and best wishes to you, your families, and all the staffs at AJS Gems. Have a wonderful Holiday and prosperous New Year!

Best Regards,

-- MRT, Massachusetts, USA, Dec 2012

Received our order today [chrome diopside and scapolite] and we are very pleased with the stones, they are excellent!

Best wishes for the holidays.

-- Rob B, New York, USA, Dec 2012

Hi Ron,

How nice of you to respond once again. I came to the same conclusion regarding color and fire and then thought about being grateful that you would compare gems in your inventory per my request and offer me your seasoned, experienced opinion. The color and scintillation of the blue apatite are absolutely outstanding! I am a very, very happy customer ... when the stone is set, probably something simple, I'd like to email you a photo. Your professionalism and quality of customer service are tops! Again, thank you Ron!  

-- Linda F., AZ, USA, Dec 2012

Dear Sir,

I received the gorgeous goshenite, having a beautiful pure white crystal.

Kind regards,

-- Sandra B., Paris, France, Nov 2012

I am hoping to buy a bigger sapphire and look forward to these when they come in the mail. Thank you for running such a wonderful site, there is so much to learn and you make it easy to do so.

-- Gabriel B., SC, USA, Nov 2012

Hi there, the ruby [1.06 ct Burma ruby]  arrived yesterday, nice stone, many thanks.

-- Mark M., New Zealand, Oct 2012

Thank you Ron... I received the stone [1.87 ct Imperial Jade] and it is very pretty!

I will look forward to getting the certification in another package


-- Heidi B., California, USA, Oct 2012

Dear Ron,

Just want to confirm that I received the payment. I would like to thank you so much for your professional service and kindness. I really greatly appreciate and I will recommend you to my friends. All the best,

-- Agnieszka S., Switzerland, Oct 2012

I just received my white sapphire 8.6 cts and its blindingly bright. Couldn't be happier.

-- Stuart V., New Jersey, USA, Oct 2012

Hi Rung -- Thank you for the kind words and maybe one day, when I am lucky enough to visit Bangkok, I will stop by your store. That could happen in a year or two. Thank you also for your efficiency and professionalism, as well as sending high quality gems! The gemstone world can be intimidating, but your website is set up so elegantly that shopping is truly a pleasure, whenever I buy anything from your company. Take care.

-- Joe S., Maryland, USA, Oct 2012


Went to fed ex office and picked it up. Nice stone [12.21 ct Green Tourmaline].

Fed ex had no explanation as to why they held the package.

-- Stu V., New Jersey, USA, Oct 2012

Dear Ron, 

Item located! Many apologies. It seems that uncharacteristically, the uni people forgot to notify me of the item's arrival

Very pretty stone [11.35 ct red zircon]. Now I will have a little more confidence to purchase from your site again. There are many interesting stones, many of which one never sees in conventional jewellery stores.

-- Tina O., Japan, Oct 2012


OMG,  I just received my gem [5.02 ct Apatite] and its a stunner. I took it to my jeweler. I do custom settings for myself and he was just blown away by the cut and clarity. I can't wait to by my next piece from you. I really want an indicolite or another rubellite.

Thanks again.

-- Lorrie S., Illinois, USA, Sept 2012

Dear Ron,

The 4.29 Ct yellow beryl arrived a few minutes ago. The stone is beautiful and I appreciate your follow up.

-- Hugh W., Florida, USA, Sept 2012

Dear Ron:

I received the 6.41 ct Conch Pearl yesterday and I must tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. It was stunning! I wasn't sure of the size at first and I was expecting something a llot smaller but when I opened the package I was bowled over. My wife is so excited she is beyond words which is a feat in itself. Thanks for the amazing service and everything you did for us. I highly recommend your company for its honesty and terrific service. Thanks again.

Warmest regards from Canada.

-- Nick P., Ontario, Canada, Sept 2012

I purchased two stones from you and had the 6 x 5 oval set in a by pass setting, the stone is stunning and the color is so pretty and has such a glow to it. People tell me how nice the ring is and ask what it is and where I purchased it.  Of course I said, AJSGems!! Thanks again...Ron and  Arnold am looking at several stones and trying to decide which to buy!

-- Joyce M, Georgia, USA, Aug 2012

Hi Ron, Just received the Tanzanite today. Still don't have the Tourmaline etc :( This 8.26 ct Tanzanite is one of the best I've seen. The cut is fantastic! Nice and unusual but still such a classic. The fire and sparkle are brilliant especially for a stone its size, I'm soooo overwhelmed at its beauty. Incredible and perfect and just what I had dreamed of. WOW! Cheers,

-- Sonia E., Australia, Aug 2012
Just wanted to let you know that I made a payment through PayPal ...Thanks and I'm looking forward to my new gems! (I purchased another Sunstone previously that I set and wear daily. I was very impressed with both it and the Scapolite and had to come back again).

--Becky E., Virginia, USA, Aug 2012


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