Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Hello ... I have received my order and very happy with the stone goshenite beryl. I will contact you for next order.

-- Yenni, Indonesia, Nov 2013

Dear Ron,

Many thanks I received the order today [2.03 ct tsavorite garnet] – as expected it is beautiful.

-- BW, Australia, Nov 2013

Hi Ron and thank you for the great service. Have received the new stones [7.64 ct aquamarine pair] and am delighted and I will be keeping them!  Many thanks and of course, I will be coming back to you in the future.

- BJL, UK, Nov 2013

Hello Ron, the stone arrived today [3.50 ct Chrome Tourmaline]. Really beautiful. Thank you for all your help. Best regards,

-- TS, Australia, Oct 2013

Hi, Ron, I am glad to tell you that I received the gems [4.64 ct tsavorite garnet and 6.53 ct tanzanite]! They are brilliant and I really love them. Thanks for your prompt reply to every question I asked. I am looking forward to the next purchase from you! Hope to collect more fine gems. Best regards,

-- YH, Australia, Oct 2013

Thank you Ron. You have been so helpful and professional, I am impressed with you and AJS gems and will most definitely shop with you again. And I will most highly recommend AJS to anyone I know who is looking for fine gemstones. Best regards, 

-- JM, Massachusetts, USA, Oct 2013

Hi Ron

How beautiful a pair of pearls [50.73 ct South Sea Pearls].

Arrived safe and on time, thank you so much, keep in touch.

Kind regards,

-- YY, UK, Oct 2013

Dear Ron

i got the stone [2.21 ct Demantoid Garnet], thank you very much!

Its beautiful, I like it very much.

Best regards!

-- JW, China, Oct 2013

Hello Ron,

I wanted to let you know that I received the Rubellite. It is AMAZING!.  I can not say it is prettier than the one the jeweler broke which I also purchased from you, just different beautiful. You truly were a blessing to work with. This unfortunate situation is going to be just fine thanks to you.

On a side note...My designer's husband, Patrick is travelling to Thailand next week and plans to meet with you. I hope your meeting goes well as I have prepared him for the quality of your stones.

Thank you again.

-- Lorrie S., Illinois, USA, Sept 2013

Hello Ron,

I received the Mali Garnet today and was excited to receive it. It looks better than the pictures and is a very good looking stone. Thank you.


-- Rohit D., Minnesota, USA, Sept 2013

Received  your most interesting  Newsletter!!  Many thanks indeed .... LOVELY  BIG  BEAUTIFUL LOOSE CUT  COLOURED GEMS ... FOR ME AS A MASTER GEM-CUTTER, its a treat to view these rare exquisite masterpieces!!! AJS knows this business like very few other GEMSITES I've  visited!! ALL the best in Gems to you guys!!  Best Wishes,

-- Glenn R., South Africa, Sept 2013

Hi Ron,

I received my beautiful Kunzite today and I'm thrilled with it!!!  Thank you for all of your help!

-- Emy N.D., Georgia, USA, Aug 2013

I saw another pretty stone on your website and was wondering if you had any more photos of it.  It is a 5.01 carat red zircon #ZHN9651TS. Does this stone have a lot of dark spots?  I should be getting my Rhodolite today.  I will let you know. I am excited. By the way, your customer service is amazing!

-- Joanne C., New York, USA, Aug 2013

Dear Ron,

The gemstones arrived early (8:40 am) this morning - 3 calendar days over a weekend - Wow, is that quick!

My wife and I are very pleased with each gem [Burma ruby, blue sapphire, imperial topaz, tourmalines].  The pictures were great, but seeing the actual gems was awesome!

Thank you and your team so much for helping me through my purchase decision and making it easy to acquire fabulous gems from halfway around the world. 


-- Gene S., Virginia, USA, Jul 2013

Dear Ron, 

The stone [5.43 ct yellow sapphire] arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in the final setting, but meanwhile I’m blown away by the colour and size of the sapphire. I will send you pictures of the ring when I take delivery at the end of next month.


-- Bill F., South Africa, Jun 2013

Hi there Arnold, Rung and all at AJS... I got the pink tourmaline in very good timing, and in perfect condition.

The stone is fabulous, and better than even the site description lead me to believe. The colour is perfect and exactly what I was hoping for. This is going to be a special project, as my wife's favourite ring, a pink tourmaline and diamond combination needs to be reworked after the stone was badly chipped from a minor incident at her workplace. I have a jeweller/friend who's going to reform the ring and this should be even better than the original.

Thanks so much for your great service and wonderful product -- feel free to use this e-mail message in one of your posted reviews of customer satisfaction!

-- Ed S., Canada, Jun 2013

Dear Ron, 

Received the stones [4.40 ct Aquamarine pair] and they are beautiful. Thank you and all at AJS Gems.


-- Beverly W., Massachusetts, USA, Jun 2013

Hi Ron just to let you know my indicolite tourmaline arrived and it is absolutely stunning! Thank you for the speedy service. Till next time! Regards,

-- Michelle L, Hong Kong, Jun 2013

I received my cab today [1.98 ct gem silica], and just wanted to thank you for the stone and your help in choosing it. The color is just spectacular, and it's a gorgeous little gem. I will definitely be back!

-- Julia W., Washington, DC, USA, May 2013

Ron, the Paraiba Tourmaline, Idocrase, Danburite and Scapolite are truly lovely. They are clear, beautifully cut & their colour is striking.  My husband & I are very happy with them.

I've appreciated your prompt communication in response to my several queries before I finalised my purchase, but I was very surprised at the speed with which they arrived here.  Just as with my last purchase from you, they were well-wrapped & addressing requests were followed. 

It's reassuring to be dealing with such a professional business, Ron, & I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.

-- Christine N., Australia, May 2013