Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I received my stone today, and it looks great. You will definitely be receiving more orders from me.
Randy F.
CT, USA/ June, 07

I have received the stone, thank you. It is lovely. I will know tomorrow whether it fits in the mounting I am intending it for.

CA / USA/ April, 07

Hi, i received the yellow sapphire today its a very beautiful stone and i like it very much , thank s a lot,
Naresh A.
NJ / USA/ May, 07

Hello Arnold,
I picked up the beryl this morning, and - as usual - it exceeds my expectations. Whoever does your faceting is very talented.
Thank you - Gil
MN / USA/ May, 07

Hello Rung

The package arrived this morning, much quicker than I expected, thank you.
The gems are beautiful, better than I expected.
I wonder if I could ask you to provide the condition ('loupe clean', 'slightly included',etc.) that was stated on your website for
each, (I forgot to record that) so that I can make comparisons in quality for future purchases from you.

Thanks again. -joe
FL / USA/ April, 07

Hi Ms. Rung,

I am glad that you received my payment. I am sorry that I put Mr. instead of Ms. I was also thinking of Mr. Arnold Silverberg so I automatically addressed Mr. My apology.

Oh, thank Arnold for me for the credit of $18.00 but I feel bad that it isn't his fault, it is postal or do not know what happened. But it will give me incentive to buy more gem stones.

And next time, I can direct deposit again. I have not done this way before because I am kind of old fashioned and not with the high tech stuff so I like to go to bank and do the transaction with the teller and found out that it was pretty simple so I will buy this way in the future rather than mailing you the check.

Thank you for your cooperation and such good service. I am sorry that this wasn't a smooth transaction for both of us.

I will be looking forward to receiving my package. Thank you.

Pat C.
CA, USA/ July, 07

Hi rung, ive collected my gem today, its stunning the colour is just perfect. Thanks for all your help Teresa
Doncaster / UK/ May, 07

Hi Rung,

I received the peridot a few days ago and was so impressed that I nearly kept it for myself! I bought it for a dear friend who is having a baby in
August. I (reluctantly) gave it to her today and she was overwhelmed; her response was worth parting with it!

love AJS and have recommended you to friends. Your web photos and descriptions are incredibly accurate and I look forward to my next
purchase. I've had my eye on a kunzite of yours for months...

All the best to you,

Katarina R.
MA / USA/ May, 07

Just letting you know that I have received my package. Thankyou

Marta S.
AB, Canada, June, 07

Dear Rungrawee,
I wanted to let you know I did receive the green quartz I order. QGN-00082 Invoice RS052107. It is so much more beautiful then on the web site.
Thank you so much. I can't wait to put it in a setting.
Take care.
Aloha, Rodney

Dear Rung,

The order arrived today, right on schedule, and the stones were outstanding. The cutting, color, symmetry, and internal and external glow, of all,
was remarkable. Simply beautiful treasures.

Thank you again for your kind, courteous, prompt, and reliable attention.


Dennis R.
AR, USA/ June, 07

Dera Ms. Rung,

I have now received all three stones, and I am amazed at the beauty of the stones. (Very accurate description).
Last but not least the excellent service you provide make me really happy!

I will be back for more stones, that is for certain...

All the best from
Marit (Norway)
June, 07

Glad to hear the stone made it there and thank you very much for quickly and professionally handling this. Despite not being
satisfied with this particular stone for the particular project I want to do in this case, I would not - and will not - hesitate to buy
from you again in the future, since I feel confident your outfit is professional and honest and that you carry lots of nice stones at
reasonable prices. Thanks again!
Jack F.
NY / USA/ May, 07

Hello Arnold,

Absolutely! The color is just too beautiful....and your right, I don't mind paying for excellent quality. I am going to have my jeweler in California set it like it was the HOPE! We have lived in New Mexico for 11 years now, but I am a California girl who loves sparkle!

I actually make fun trendy jewelry myself, mostly semi precious, turquoise and swarovski necklaces hand-tied on silk. I am so happy that I found your website. Thanks for following your heart and bringing us such a wonderful selection (it's like candy to me). I will definitely be shopping with you again!

Keep up the great work.......

Thanks again,
Olivia S.
NM, USA/ March, 07

Dear Ms Rung,

The stone arrived today, and both my wife and I are very happy with the order. It's exactly as advertized. I was also amazed at
how quickly it arrived. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Tim and Kathy
MA, USA/ March, 07

Dear Rung,

Thank you for your patience. After viewing my stone properly I am completely satisfied -- it is even more beautiful than the picture.

Martin S.
CA, USA/ July, 07

Dear Rung, 1 1/2 years ago I ordered 3 Yellow Labradorite stones from AJS. When I received them,
I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the stones. The color, cut and near loop clean clarity was more then I expected.
I sent my 10.50ct stone off last month to have an Appraisal done by a top GG (GIA) RMV NJA appraiser. When I opened the Appraisal I had to take a chair !
My $35.00 AJS stone came back at Estimated Value: $683.00.It was an SI/1 clarity.
Please tell anyone who is thinking of ordering from your company, that your gem stones are the very finest to be had !
I only wish I had ordered more Labradotite then I did. No were could I find a stone from Africa of your quality.
Thank You Rung ! Liz W. Gig Harbor, WA. USA
June, 07

Dear Rung, Thank you for the update...those beautiful jade stones are a treasure.....and even more so a Happy Thanksgiving to you all....always nice to be off for a day or two....the stones are giving me a good chance to increase my knowledge of gems...I did not know before but I know now why the Ruby is so highly valued.....really beautiful in the sunlight....all the stones are just cut so very nice and are impressive....

Thanks again....



Dear Sirs:

I just opened the package from your company and was completely bowled over. The gems are absolutely beautiful!!! You advertised that they are untreated/unheated apatites, so I expected them to be a little paler in color. Contrary to my preconceived notion, they are both knock-your-socks off Carribeam Blue. Needless to say, I am impressed! I look forward to ordering from you again with confidence. Thank you so much.

Linda G.
Durango, CO

Dear Ms Rung,

I received the heart shaped blue sapphire on time as you promised. It is a beautiful stone. My wife is extremely happy with it, so you know I am
satisfied. She has a very unique engagement ring. The jeweler who set the stone was very impressed with the quality. Everyone who has seen it
has complimented it as well. I'll gladly direct anyone to you for a gemstone purchase and if you should desire please feel free to use me as a

Thank you very much.

Walter Graupner
Lab Manager
Center for Space and Planetary Science
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Ar. USA 72701
June, 07