Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Dear Ron, all the gems [amethyst, chrome tourmaline, peridot and iolite] are beautiful and are in the process of being turned into jewelry. Please keep me in mind if you ever get in pairs of green natural gems (that are relatively affordable for an everyday girl like me, no imperial jade or emeralds thanks!) like chrome tourmalines or peridots. Many thanks for your help again,

-- YQ, Australia, May 2016

Hi Ron,

I received the [8.90 ct] amethyst  a few weeks ago - many thanks. The colour is just as you described and I look forward to having it set.

Kind Regards,

-- RF, Australia, Apr 2016

Hi Ron, what an amazingly sparkly gem this [5.21 ct] peridot is.  I am very pleased, thank you! I am so tempted to buy more but better save up!  Thank you,

-- YQ, Australia, Mar 2016

Hi Ron! I just wanted to give you my warmest thank you. I just received this beautiful morganite heart and you really made my dream come true. I can not thank you enough, you are so awsome! It is truly stunning and I will wear this in my engagement ring with pride for the rest of my life. Thank you so so so much! Best regards -- HJ, Sweden, Mar 2016

Hi Ron, Happy new year and a quick note to let you know that the zircon arrived today. It is beautiful !! The photo is great but the gem is so much prettier in real life. I am extremely happy with it and can’t wait to get it set.  Cheers,

-- HK, Australia, Jan 2016

Dear Ron, the 1.34ct Mahenge Spinel arrived today. It is stunning! Such an intense colour, beautifully clean and expertly cut, it radiates an amazing brilliance. Thank you for processing this order so very efficiently, I had no problems at all, incredible to think the stone has travelled from Africa to Thailand and now back again. Many thanks Ron, I hope at some stage I may be able to purchase from you again, I am particularly interested in collecting (untreated) stones from Africa. Kind regards,

-- TP, Zimbabwe, Oct 2015

Arnold ... hope you are doing OK ... even better for an old guy ... haven't been too active of late, but your gems from over ten years ago (a few later) are still some of our best, you are one of the best gem shopping stops and then some, always and ever more thank you ... looking for some well saturated citrine, a pair for ear rings and one for a ring ...

-RC, USA, Sept 2015

Ron, Greetings! Would like to thank you for making our recent shopping experience so first-rate! The gems [bicolor tourmaline, spessartite garnet and chrome tourmaline] that you sent are fabulously beautiful! Your website was certainly user-friendly and very informative, your prices were great and the shipping was prompt and problem-free! Sending the gem certificates via email is also appreciated. Regards,

-- PB, USA, Aug 2015

Hi Ron, Got the stones today [4.22 ct Imperial Topaz]. Beautiful is not the word ... have given to the jewellar to make a ring. Will send you after it is made ;-) Thanks a lot for the excellent service. I will be back for more. Love and blessings

-- DN, Oman, Aug 2015

Once again, absolutely top notch product with lightning fast delivery. The [14.96 ct] apatite and [7.09 ct] tourmaline are fantastic. Thanks Ron.

-- RM, New Zealand, Aug 2015

The gem [16.78 ct Cobaltocalcite] is terrific.  You folks do a very nice job. I collect lots of gems from many sources. Only the best. This is a beauty. By the way, please keep me in mind when you come across truly exceptional pieces. 

-- ML, USA, Jul 2015

The Jeremejevite and Mandarin Garnet stones arrived in good order today. I am extremely pleased. They make a fine addition to my treasure box. The Jeremejevite looks like a gorgeous icicle, but one that doesn’t melt. The spessartite is a focal point of the collection, very flashy and deeply colored. They make a lovely pair. (By the way, can any human being actually pronounce “Jeremejevite”?). Thanks so much,

-- LB, USA, Jul 2015

Hey Ron, just a note to let you know that myself and my buyer were both so impressed with the Malaya Garnet. I would not hesitate to purchase from you again. A great stone at a very good price. Thanks,

-- TC, USA, Jul 2015

Good day Ron, hope all is well. I am pleased to let you know that I have received the Alexandrite stone earlier this week and made the final arrangents today to have it set with two diamonds in a platinum band. I will send you a photo once it is complete. Thank you for your kind assistance throughout. Have a wonderful day. Kind Regards,

-- MA, South Africa, Jul 2015

Dear Ron, Thank you for the beautiful Pezzottaite Cat's Eye which arrived this morning.  It's a lovely gem and I'm very happy with it.  You always make these transactions easy because you not only have wonderful gems which are as good or better than your site photos, but your shipping is quick & communication excellent. Best wishes, 

-- CN, Australia, Jun 2015

Hi Ron, The stones [3.42 ct and 2.55 ct color change garnets] got delivered earlier today. They are lovely, the best color change stone I ever had. It could be improved with better precision cutting for more brilliance but overall I'm very happy with both gems. Do let me know if you have new collectible worthy gemstones. Regards,

CN, Indonesia, Mar 2015

Dear Ron, I just received the stone [4.86 ct white sapphire] it looks stunning, I'm really happy with this purchase, thank you very much Ron for your help. Now you can send the certificate. Nice to do business with you Ron.

-- DD, Indonesia, Mar 2015

Hi Ron, I picked up the gems yesterday [1.56 ct blue sapphire, 4.73 ct imperial topaz and 2.12 tsavorte garnet] and they are beautiful, just as expected. The long wait was worth it, and I appreciate your follow-up along the way. You can go ahead and send the certificates, and we’ll look forward to doing business with you again. Sincerely,

-- JJ, USA, Feb 2015

I just received the pair of idocrase stones I ordered. They are absolutely breathtaking. I purchased these stones as the main stones for customized wedding bands for myself and my fiancee. I am so incredibly happy with how beautiful these stones are and are absolutely perfect. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you so much!!!

-- KF, USA, Feb 2015

Dear Ron, I've just received my parcel. Really loved them all [blue zircons and morganites]. The colours and cuts of all of them are amazing. By the way my friend was with me when it arrived and can say that she is more than happy with her stone. Thanks a lot for all your help and patience while choosing them.

-- GB, Canada, Jan 2015