Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Received this [8.66 blue zircon] last week ... what a wonderful gem. Will be doing other business soon…. THANK YOU!

-- AS, USA, Jul 2014

Dear Ron, the packages have arrived safely [blue star sapphire and cat's eye apatites]. Many thanks for the great services. Keep up the good works! Best Regards,

-- MM, Indonesia, Jul 2014

I have received the stone [6.49 ct Opal)! It looks just great. Thanks for your help.

-- TK, USA, Jul 2014

Thanks, Rung!  Received the stone [6.21 ct Aquamarine] is Amazing!!!!  Thank you so very much, please tell Ron 'thank you very much' for all of his help in tracking down this gem. I look forward to future purchases from you!

-- RP, USA, Jun 2014

Hi Ron, I have just received the 2.4 ct yellow sapphire. I made a count and it is the 11th gem I bought from you. Those are all beautiful and lovely. You have not disappointed me in our dealings thus far. I would like to thank you once again for your excellent service, especially the valuable comments regarding those gems, each time before I finalise the purchase. Best regards ...

-- VC, Singapore, May 2014

Hi Ron, Just wanted to email and let you know that I got the Rubellite today. It's beautiful and the inclusions are not at all distracting. I can't wait to set it!

Thanks again for your patience. Looking forward to future purchases with you! Best,

-- SVM, Canada, May 2014

I received my piece of Jeremejevite this afternoon, and it was nicely packed, just as I had asked! :-)  It has a wonderful blue tone to it and it looks great! I think I got it for a great price, considering this is a gem which isn’t so easy to find. I’ll be looking through your gems to see what else I might want to add to my new collection. ;-)

-- JK, Australia, May 2014

Thank you, AJS Gems I have finally in my hands this wonderful piece my 6.57 ct Black Star Sapphire 12 Ray. It was worthy to wait the time and I highly recommend you to anybody who might want to buy a gem from you, It is safe and secure. Thanks Again.

-- DSA, El Salvador, May 2014

Ron, I finally got a chance to sit down and send you a note thanking you for the [35.41 ct] morganite and [21.8 ct] kunzite they are beautiful and the cut of the morganite is a piece of art. Thanks for answering all the questions I had as I am not a gemologist. These stones will become pendants and also I believe they have healing properties. Have been a nurse for thirty years and am learning other healing techniques interesting how these stones were and are used today in healing.

- CS, USA, May 2014

Hi Ron,

Just want to let you know that I received your stone today (5.80 ct pink tourmaline) and it is beautiful. The ring is already at the jeweler being set. Thank you for the wonderful service. You guys were great to work with.

Thank you again,

-- BP, USA, May 2014

Dear Ron,

I've just received the 5.91 ct Mahenge Spinel. WOWWWWW!!! It's just stunning. Lucky girl ... I'm sure she will love it ... Thank you again.

-- GB, Canada, Mar 2014

Hi Ron,

I am letting you know that I received the 18.05 ct chrysoprase today and it is spectacularly beautiful. Aside from the black inclusions on the back, it does have some lighter inclusions within the body of the gem which I don't generally like, but it is so translucent and gorgeous that it doesn't matter, and they're not really visible unless I am holding it up to the light. Thank you for an awesome gem. It is eventually going to make a stunning, dramatic ring.

-- AJ, USA, Mar 2014

5 Days after my order arrived [9.16 ct Amethyst and 2.94 ct Green Tourmaline]. Thanks for perfect timing and very pleasant conditions of buying. I'm very satisfied and will be back for next gems adventures.

- BB, France, Mar 2014

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your quick response. It is an example of excellent customer care. I feel very assured that you have personally examined the gem before it is shipped.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that the craftsman who set the ring with the chrome tourmaline which I bought from you recently told me that it was a beautiful gem and an extremely worthy buy. It is for my daughter's birthday. We are very pleased. Thank you once again!

-- VC, Singapore, Mar 2014

Hi Ron,

The [4.09 ct] Padparadscha is gorgeous! I have to come up with a special piece of jewelry in which to set it. Thank you very much for letting me exchange the stones. Sincerely,

-- JF, USA, Feb 2014

Dear Ron,

I have had the 2.48 ct blue zircon set into my wife's engagement ring to replace the original and it looks stunning!! Fantastic colour and quality. It made the perfect Christmas gift for her. Thanks for your service. Regards,

-- Geoff M., UK, Jan 2014

Dear Ron, I have just received my Burma Spinel [0.92 Cts] with AIGS Certification! The gem is great! very very beautifull! Thanks a lot! Thank you for your courtesy. Best regards.

-- Stefano G., Italy, Jan 2014

Hi Ron,

Thank you! The gems arrived safely [4.44 ct yellow sapphire and 26.01 ct kunzite].

The gems are as described - very very nice - gorgeous! I am very satisfied. Regards,

-- Lena P., Singapore, Jan 2014

Hi Ron,

I received the gem [9.31 ct rhodonite] today. It looks great. Please forward my certificate. Best Regards,

--Ben B., USA, Dec 2013 

I have just received the [5.34 ct] Rhodolite Garnet. It is a beautiful stone and thank you for the quick service. If and when you have some new and interesting stones please let me know. Kind regards,

-- Carol C., Australia, Dec 2013