Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Ms. Rung, I received the garnet and it is very beautiful. I especially like the deep mandarin
(orange) color of this gem. You can feel free to email me if you have any special deals, in
this gem, especially in larger carat sizes. Thanks again... I believe I will continue to be a
customer for you in the future.

Best Wishes, Greg.
Parkland, FL. / July, 05

Hello Arnold,

Incredibly I received the package already this morning! Thanks a lot. The Apatite is wonderfull! It would be my great
pleasure to meet you when you are next time in Hong Kong. Have a nice time in the U.S.

Kowloon, Hong Kong / June, 05

Dear Ms Rung gems arrived safely and are beautiful many thanks Carol

Emsworth Hampshire, UK. / June, 05

The stone arrived earlier this week. Thanks for the prompt shipping. I would be happy to do business again.

H Dunbar
Palmetto Bay, FL. / July, 05

Rung (Ms)

Received my order today, in perfect condition. I am
very pleased with the quality and speed of the order.
I am also looking forward to doing business with you
again in the future.

Jenifer D.
Holt, MI. / June, 05

I received my pink tourmaline stone today. The stone is just what I was
expecting. Thank you so much.
Kathryn T.
Midwest City, oK. / June, 05

AJS people,

Thank you for answering may concern. As I was reading your reply, the parcel arrived (10:00 AM). The tourmalines
are beautiful and I am very happy with your products and services. My recommendation will bring more people to
your site.

Hope you will have good business, always.

Connie N.
South Pasadena, CA. / June, 05

I received my stone yesterday and am extremely pleased with it. I was also pleased with my shopping experience with AJS and
look forward to future purchases.

Thanks - Ronnie R.
Justin, TX. / June, 05

I received the stones yesterday. Very pretty. Just what I expected.

Holly C.
Webster, NY. / June, 05

Hi Rung!
I have received it this evening, it is incredibly beautiful, just as picture showed. I will need to buy a larger stone as I want my daughter to be really happy with just a bit larger stone (I think I may keep this one for a ring for myself, isnt padparadascha just too beautiful? *smile*) I love the stone and your prices are great. I really want some Tanzanite too, as most of the world does and I hope you save some pieces for people like me who have to wait to afford the very best. Thank you for this beautiful stone, I intend on being a client for many years to come! You have a GREAT day!
Tina M. Juber
Rancho Dominguez,CA./June,05


Just a note to let you know that we received our spessarite. It is gorgeous.It has very nice quality, color and cut. I can assure you that you now have a couple of customers for life. We were very pleased with the speed of service and the quality and amount of your selections.Thanks again..
Terry D. and Linda Sue Leis, IN/June,05

Dear Rung:

Once again I want to thank you for the wonderful service and the perfect stones that you provided.
Whether my order is big or small, for little stones or huge ones, the excellent service is still the same.

Many thanks again,

Nichola B.
Rock Hill, SC. / June, 05

Dear AJS Gems:

I did recieve the blue green is beautiful. I will order more from you in the future. Thank you.
Have a good Day.

Marysville, WA. / June, 05

Dear Rung,

I received the Zircon today and it looks beautiful. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Amy J.
Arlington, MA. / June, 05

Dear Rung,

Just wanted to let you know I received my stones today. Very nice. I appreciate the fast service Ive received form your
company. I look forward placing orders with you again.

Guy L.
Middletown, CT. / May, 05

Dear Rung,
the gems arrived, and they are beautiful! I wish you good health and work, and once again thank you for your
kind help all the time of the procedure.

Best wishes, friendly yours

Godollo, Hungary / May, 05

I received my package yesterday (5/25/05). The stones are gorgeous!!
I cant wait to get them set.

Clayton, NC. / May, 05

Ill definitely give you plenty of notice before we plan a trip to see you guys in Bangkok. And please, please,
please note well definitely work around your schedule.

Weve started an exciting new collection of Alexandrite heirloom pieces - as well as some luxe collections
containing AAA sapphires and padparascha. Needless to say, AJS is a nice fit with us. As I said, though, I
absolutely cannot believe your carat weights and your pricing in chrysoberyl, alexandrite, sphene, sapphire,
padparascha, ruby, tsavorite, and, well, everything else you carry!

What youve done with AJS gems - aside from allowing any consumer to partake of gorgeous exotics - is youve
allowed couture boutiques the LUXURY of paying less for top quality stones which we can turn around and
pass on to our clients. Really phenomenal haute couture pieces become available to clients who may not
have been able to afford the all-too-often $100,000 - $250,000/piece price range that many such stones often
become part of when set in fine jewelry. Spreading the love of exotics and heirloom-quality pieces is what
were all about. To move forward and be able to offer even BETTER quality at lower prices, well, thats the
feather in our cap.

We all look so very forward to working with you, meeting your staff, and corresponding with you in the next few
months. I truly cannot tell you how much your work, your ethic, and your obvious care in handling each order is

Best to you - and Ill begin planning our trip soon, around your schedule of course.

Again, many thanks.

Jonathan Sizemore
Jamestown, NC. / May, 05

Hi Rung,

I have just received my tsavorite and its lovely.
Thank you for your prompt attention to my order and fast shipping.

Look forward to doing future business with you
Berkshire, UK. / May, 05

Dear Sirs,
My first order, 0.72 ct. Natural Vanadium Chrysoberyl, arrived in good time,
and I am very pleased with it. I have just placed my second order.
Thank you - Gil J.
Hugo, MN. / May, 05

I rcvd the gem this morning. I was completely blown away.
I have never seen a mandarin this incredibly beautiful.
The cutting is magnificent. In other words I love it !

I am going to look for that stone to have you make into a
8mm round, Portuguese cut and let you know.
It was worth the wait.
Thank you for your making quality gemstones available and for being so trust-worthy.
Thanks so much for your kindness.
Illinois, USA / May, 05