Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I received the gems yesterday, on the 17th. They are very nice. Thanks,
Elizabeth B.
Sterling, CO. / August, 05

Thank you
I recieved the gem on saturday, it is exactly what i expected.

Thanks again
Jane R.
Cheshire, UK. / August, 05

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. The gem is lovely! We received it right on time.

Healdsburg, CA. / August, 05

Hi Rung,

Received the zircon today - WOW!!! What a fantastic and brilliant stone. As
usual, we couldnt be happier with our purchase and the fantastic service
you provide.

Thank you so much for the fast delivery too - one hour after ordering the
stone it was already on its way - one couldnt ask for more.

Until the next time, warmest regards

Heike & Chris
QLD, Australia / August, 05

Dear MS Rung

I received my order yesterday--thank you! I was a bit nervous about the whole process of ordering from an Internet
gem vendor who is overseas, but you made this so easy with a California mailing address for payment and FedEx
two day delivery. I am extremely happy with my purchase! My jeweler was very impressed with the tourmalines and
hes looking forward to working with me to come up with a design for the "confused" color tourmaline that is
absolutely beautiful in person. I had been in the market for a bi-color watermelon tourmaline, but I am so glad I
decided to buy this stone instead--it is much more unusual and will make a stunning ring. Thank you again--Im sure
Ill be back for more...

Blue Bell, PA. / August, 05

rung,im so so sorry for the e-mail i left about my black star sapphire an educated gem expert you are.i just want your future
customers not to listen to what another jeweler says quickly about gems that werent purchased through them.knowledge is key and
again i apologize for a quick verdict and venomous assumption of the quality of your gems.i hope we can do business in the future
and thank you for shipping and explaining the ignorance of unqualified jewelers.........good luck to all your future clients,,,
shirley s...........
Woodbridge, NJ. / August, 05

Dear Sirs,

I received my garnet, a beautiful stone !

Thank you
Best Regards
Lugano, TI. / August, 05

Dear Rung,

I got the parcel two days back and within 10 days. The registered mail worked very well. Thank you very much and
the gem looked better than I had hoped it would.

Thanks once again,

Singapore / August, 05

I received the gems yesterday. They look good. Thanks.

Steve A.
Shawnee, KS. / July, 05

Dear Rung:

Many thanks again for the wonderful stones. The apatite is even better than I had hoped, but then everything I have

gotten from you is that way. Many thanks again...

Rock Hill , SC./ July, 05

Thank you for the prompt mailing of my order. The package was received this morning. I have not had a chance to verify the
contents, but I am sure everything will be satisfactory.

Eric K.
Emerald Hills, CA. / August, 05

Dear Ms. Rung,

I received the stones last Friday and I am really satisfied with them.

The cut of the ametrine is amazing and changes a lot from the quite "boring" standard cut normally used for these stones.

The turmaline also has a great color play and will make a beautiful jewel.

Thank you again for supplying me with such great material.

Best regards
Christel J.
Paris , France/ August, 05

Thank You for prompt delivery of gems. They are very nice. I am truly satisfied. They arrived today Mon. 8-1-2005. Bo
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. / August, 05

I got the package today, and thanks very nice gem.

Elkton, MD. / August, 05

Dear Rung

The fancy tourmaline arrived today and Im absolutely 100% delighted with the gem! I cant stop looking at its
brilliance and lustre.

Im planning to set it as a pendant with cognac coloured diamonds.

Thank you very much and I hope to be doing business again with you!

Many Thanks
Queensland, Australia / July, 05

Hi Rung....I got my Spessartite on is BEAUTIFUL! the cut is great, lots of fire and the color is wonderful!
there are so many of those stones out there with no life to them that it was a refreshing surprise to receive such a nice
treat! (even under the loupe it was really clean!) I wasted no time getting it over the the jeweler on Saturday...I am having
it set into a beautiful ring that sits up and lets the stone sparkle! thanks again for all your great communication and
wonderful quality...I will be back! (a nice BIG blue zircon is next on the list!) take care and will be shopping again soon!

Julia P.
Laguna Niguel, CA. / July, 05

Dear Sir,
I was out sick yesterday and missed your e-mails but you were so nice to call me at home last night! thank you so very much
for all your help with getting me the better stone...that was wonderful! I will let you know when my stone arrives from Fedex
thanks again!

Julia P.
Laguna Niguel, CA. / July, 05

Dear Sir,
I have received the gems. I have ordered gems from
several online sources, and I have found your gems to
be the highest quality and best cut.


Robert V.
Chattanooga, TN. / July, 05

Dear Rung..

I finally received my rubellite today....and oh my god, how
beautiful it is!!! I never imagined it would have so radiant,
so gorgeous, so beautiful a colour!!! Actually Im far more
than delighted: I am literrally amazed by the beauty of my
stone...oh how I do not regret to have had to wait patiently
for it!! Tis so much more beautiful than on the pic...For
sure, you have won me as a regular customer, and soon Ill
make new orders from your website which I think is the best of
all websites selling stones, for choice and for price..and
also for kindness!
Cheers and see you soon!!
catherine b.
France / July, 05

Hi Arnold,

Yes, I received the gem 2 working days after ordering.

Id like to say thanks for the excellent service & the quality of the
gem itself, will definitely buy again.

A Pierce
West Yorkshire , UK./ July, 05