Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I received order #1886-7854-4737 today. It was my first purchase from you and all 5 stones are gorgeous!!! I
will definitely be back often.

Susan Taylor
Spring Grove, IL / November, 05

Dear Ms. Rung, I received the green tourmalines (tgn-00038) today. Thank you very much for the fast delivery. They are very pretty. Take care. Sincerely, Rodney----
Pearl City, HI. / August, 05
Hi, Matt! :) - and thanks for your usual fast response.

OK Lets put holds on both SPI-00302 and SPI-00295 - that pairing really does look great.

And, lets put a hold on TPR-00068 and TPR-00069; I want both, but I will probably end up deciding between them.

If there are any concerns holding these selections for this amount of time, please let me know - I dont want to inconvenience you in any way. But, as always, I really appreciate your willingness to hold items for me as in the past.

Now, as far as the site goes, the adjustments are very good improvements, as searching/comparing stones is a lot easier. I might suggest one minor change - having an option to view "all items" at once (admittedly, this is not really necessary), as some sites have, but the 48 per page feature is really good, and more than adequate.
Otherwise, the sites aesthetic is even better than before, lots of good colour and impressive stones to "wow" a visitor to the site. It gives a really obvious impression of selection, variety and quality to the site and its contents. Nicely done!.

Thats about it for now, so I will be in touch again closer to the end of April, so thanks again for the holds, and youll hear from me soon enough; I do my taxes this week(end), so I will have a better picture of this orders feasability not to far from now..

Take care, all! :).


Dear Rung,

Thanks for your adding the two tourmalines to my order. Please do not worry about the $5.50 credit - you have done
more than $5.50 worth of extra services for me. I enjoy doing business with you and Arnold.

Stan S.
West Lafayette, IN / November, 05

Dear Ms. Rung,

My package arrived this morning before 10:30, and the padparadscha sapphire is gorgeous.
The only other padparadscha sapphire I have ever seen was more orange than pink. I am
impressed with the rose overtones in the stone I bought, as well as with its clarity and fire.

I have now purchased two loose gemstones from your company and been completely satisfied
with both. The tsavorite garnet I ordered a few weeks ago has been made into a beautiful ring,
and the sapphire will soon be in one just as pretty.

Thank you for the high quality of your merchandise and for the promptness of your delivery

Sincerely yours,
Joy F.
Kennesaw, GA / November, 05

Dear Arnold and Rung,

Hello again! Hope you are doing well.
By the way, the blue green tourmaline I recently purchased is truly a gem. One of the most beautiful stones I own. The
fancy tourmaline (pear shape) sold right away and the pear shaped geen tourmaline has gotten a lot of oohs and
aahs as well. Its also a beautiful stone, and I may want to just keep it!
It is Thanksgiving weekend here, so I will be taking a few days off. If you have time, you can respond to my home email

Take care.
Stan S.
P.S. I am honored that you used my comments in your "Customer Comments" section. I would gladly restate all the
good things I said before and then some. Your stones are great!!
West Lafayette, IN / November, 05

Dear Arnold & Rung (Ms),

Just recieved it this morning. Arnold, much thanks to you and Rung (Ms) and everyone else for all that youve done. I
should have this set in a week or so. Ill send you a picture when its done.
Ive never really looked at gemstones until recently. What a fascinating business youre in. So many different gems, I
would have never guessed. Kind of like my first tattoo, I think Im hooked.
on each side of this sapphire,but, now Im thinking of using some Montana (YOGO) sapphires instead. I like the idea
that they are a baby blue type color and think they would just help the ring look more unique. Im not locked into the
Montana sapphires if, you can point me in the direction of something similar without going towards anything with a
green hue/color in it. Im thinking of something in the .50 carat range.

Mike C.
Portland, OR / November, 05

Dear Ms. Rung,

I wanted to let you know I received my blue star sapphires and my breath was taken away. I can not tell you how
happy I am to have found AJS and how pleased I am with the gems. The color is magnificent. Exceptional gems and
outstanding service are truly the hallmarks of AJS. Your team has just gained a loyal customer. Thank you so much.

Kindest regards,
Yedidah G.
Atlanta, GA / November, 05

I have received my parcel. Thank you very much.

Jason C.
Newport News, VA / October, 05

Dear Arnold and Rung:

Once again, everything is better than pictured and described! I could not be more pleased!

Thank you for your excellent service and product line.

Yours truly,

Rock Hill, SC / November, 05

Dear Arnold & Rung,

Wow! What great service. I also work in the customer service field and with a lot of suppliers. I cant even get people
in my own city to get back to me this fast.
I just wanted to update you to my Pay Pal situation .Pay Pal says it can take two to three days to confirm my account.
If were to go three days that would be on a saturday and possibly no bank/pay pal activity would take place on that
day. If that were to happen it could be as late as monday 10/31. If you need to put the stone back up on your site for
the time being, I completely understand. Thank you again for your time.

Most Sincerely,
Mike C.
Portland, OR / October, 05

Dear Rung:
The new Apatite you selected is just what I wanted. You did a great job. Now Im very anxious to see the Mandarin you
selected. It should be here next week.
In the future I hope I can ask for your assistance in my Gemstone selections.
Thank again,
Best Regards, Mike
Las Vegas, NV / November, 05

AJS Gems,
I received my stones today...they are beautiful!!! A little greater depth than what I thought the picture showed but, still
very beautiful. Ill be ordering again.
Kevin S.
Newport Beach, CA / November, 05

Dear Ms. Rung:

The tsavorite garnet I ordered from AJS Gems on Monday arrived this morning (wow, youre
fast), and it is stunning! Even my jeweler was impressed.

Kudos to whoever photographs the stones for your Website. While a picture can never do a
gem full justice, the photo of the garnet I purchased accurately represented the stone in color,
cut, and clarity and made my selection easy.

I will certainly be a repeat customer.

Many thanks.
Joy F.
Kennesaw, GA / October, 05

Hi, Rung

Thank you, for letting me know that it is possible to order "multible" same size stones of Danburite. I have just
recieved a package from ajsgems to day with two Danburites and a Labradorite (LAB-00015 and DAN-00143) to my
grate satisfaction (Invoice JOff101705). I will return to you when I need more stones.

Best regards
Denmark / October, 05

Rung (Ms)

I received the sunstones this morning! I am once again very pleased with the quality of
your gemstones. Thanks,
Elizabeth A.
Scipio, IN / October, 05

Dear Rung,

I received the two Star Sapphires I ordered from AJS Jems Yesterday via registered mail. They are very beautiful and
unique jems. My wifes birthstone is Sapphire and she had never seen a star sapphire with a pink coloring before.

I would like to thank you for the ease of transaction and prompt delivery. (I received the stones 5 business days after I
ordered them) I will do business with AJS jems again in the future.

Brian M.
Chesapeake Beach, MD, USA / October, 05

Arnold, thank you very much. Lets go with the TBL-00009. I am also in need (another add) of a closely matched
round pair of pink tourmaline, of the 6.5 mm, approximately one (1) carat each...color would be medium warm pink
as in TPK-00229...eye clean or eye clean plus would be OK, if you can find, you can add to this order. If not, maybe a
later order....I know you will price right for the way, I really appreciate all of your very fine service, it is a
pleasure to deal with such professionals in this day and you know, we have lost some of this in our
society, although certainly not in your business. Thanx for everything,
Senor Bob
San Antonio, TX / October, 05

Package received. Really stunning stone. Very pleased.
Thank you.
M.J Bevington
Chandler, AZ / October, 05

Dear Rung,

I received my Mali garnet, very nice stone, Thank you

Best regards
Daniela B.
Lugano, Switzerland / October, 05