Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Rung (Ms)

I received the sunstones this morning! I am once again very pleased with the quality of
your gemstones. Thanks,
Elizabeth A.
Scipio, IN / October, 05

Dear Rung,

I received the two Star Sapphires I ordered from AJS Jems Yesterday via registered mail. They are very beautiful and
unique jems. My wifes birthstone is Sapphire and she had never seen a star sapphire with a pink coloring before.

I would like to thank you for the ease of transaction and prompt delivery. (I received the stones 5 business days after I
ordered them) I will do business with AJS jems again in the future.

Brian M.
Chesapeake Beach, MD, USA / October, 05

Arnold, thank you very much. Lets go with the TBL-00009. I am also in need (another add) of a closely matched
round pair of pink tourmaline, of the 6.5 mm, approximately one (1) carat each...color would be medium warm pink
as in TPK-00229...eye clean or eye clean plus would be OK, if you can find, you can add to this order. If not, maybe a
later order....I know you will price right for the way, I really appreciate all of your very fine service, it is a
pleasure to deal with such professionals in this day and you know, we have lost some of this in our
society, although certainly not in your business. Thanx for everything,
Senor Bob
San Antonio, TX / October, 05

Package received. Really stunning stone. Very pleased.
Thank you.
M.J Bevington
Chandler, AZ / October, 05

The stone arrived this am. Very nice. thank you again.
judy D.
Fresno, CA. / October, 05

Dear Arnold,

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with all the stones I have recently purchased. The color and quality
exceeds my expectations. While I am new at collecting and reselling, even jewelers who have seen a few of my
stones are very complimentary and have inquired about purchasing a few.

I appreciate both the quality and pricing of your stones, as well as your prompt and courteous service.

Stan S.
West Lafayette, IN / October, 05

Dear Rung,

I received my Mali garnet, very nice stone, Thank you

Best regards
Daniela B.
Lugano, Switzerland / October, 05


Wow, I received my Tourmaline the other day and took it straight to a jeweler to be set in a ring mounting.. It is absolutely stunning,
the jeweler asked where I got the stone because it was "clean" and I told him. He was impressed and I love the ring, just what I
needed to solidify a memorial to my fiance. Thank you.

Colleen S.
Whiteland, IN / October, 05

Received the ruby last week, have spent the last 6 days admiring it! Its exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you.
Tracy D.
Canada / September, 05

Hi Rung,

I received my sapphire pair today....I am VERY impressed! The color is like blue satin and sparkles like no other
sapphire I own. You have earned my business. I have even passed your card on to another potential customer and
will continue to recommend your company.

Many thanks,
Cheri B.
San Diego, CA / September, 05

Dear Rung,

I just got the stones yesterday and they are more beautiful than I
could have ever imagined. We will be using them in the creation of
our wedding bands and Im sure they will make our rings more
enchanting than anything I could have bought in a store here. Thank
you for making these beautiful gems available to the rest of the world
and thank you for your wonderful service and prompt delivery,

Sarah T.
Athens, GA. / September, 05

Dear Rung:

I received the amethyst and peridots and they are already at the bench jeweler being fabricated. I already have a client
who wants the ring when it is completed. She wanted to see what I was working on
and I showed her the layout and drawings. When we were discussing the stones and the design, we decided to call
it "Eggplant" because the colours look just like the eggplants in my garden.

Many thanks to you again for all your efforts in making sure we get what we need when we need it!

Nikki B.
Rock Hill, SC. / September, 05

Hello Dear Rung,

just a little word to tell you I received my green quartz
yesterday and that I am very happy with it. Thank you very
much for selling such beautiful stones and see you soon for
another order certainly.

Catherine Baggio.
Framce / September, 05

I received the item today and I am pleased. The color and clarity are as you advertised. Thanks.

Steve N.
Baltimore, MD. / September, 05

Dear Rung,

the gems arrived, and I am very happy again, because they are beautiful, as allways.
Wish you nice time,

friendly yours

Attila B.
Hungary / September, 05

I have received the order and am very pleased. The color and clarity are great. Looking forward to future business. Thank you,
Janine W.
Gainesville, FL. / September, 05

I received my shipment a couple of weeks ago. The stones are absolutely gorgeous!!

JoAnnn S.
North Wales, PA. / September, 05

Dear Ms Rung,

I received the alexandrite today and it is exactly as pictured. Thank you. I am so tired of ordering stones from false color photos. It is
a pleasure to get what I expecfted. This is not top quality alexandrite, but it was not priced as top quality and it is perfect for my

Walt C.
Hillsborough, NJ./ August, 05

Dear Ms. Rung,

today I received the tourmaline. The stone is splendid and I am very pleased with it.

Best Regards,
Peter van S.
Apeldoorn, Netherlands / August, 05

I received the gems yesterday, on the 17th. They are very nice. Thanks,
Elizabeth B.
Sterling, CO. / August, 05