Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I have received the 1.89 Ct Tourmaline stone. It has arrived in perfect shape and it is as beautiful as I expected it
would be. Thank you very much and I will continue to order gems from you.

-Colin J.
Fayetteville, AR / March, 06

Recieved today and it is very beautiful, now to figure out the pendant setting....
thanks it is everything I expected and more.....

Maryellen G.
Saint Cloud, FL / March, 06

Dear Rung,

Greetings from Pensacola Florida..(Land of the great Hurricanes!)

I want you to know that my beautiful green tourmaline has arrived (1 1/2 hours early!).
I am thrilled with the quality of the stone and I know it will make a nice anniversary ring for me..
Thank you for your excellent service. We will not hesitate to tell all of our friends where we bought such quality gems.


Linda D.
Pensacola, FL / March, 06

Dear Ms Rung,

I received my blue spinel a few days ago and it is spectacular. It was bought as a gift for my mother - and she was delighted with
the gem. It will be set as a ring for her.

The colour of the stone was even more intense than shown on the website.

Thank you for such excellent value for money.

Kind regards - Nicole
NSW, Australia / February, 06

I just wanted to let you know that I received my tourmaline yesturday. The stone is even more beautiful than the
picture showed! Thank you for such a fine quality gem.

Michelle D.
Springfield, MO / March, 06

Dear Ms Rung,

thank you I have received the stones on tuesday, but I was abroad and that is why I write you just now. Im very satisfied with the
stones. I hope I can order again soon. The invoice was correct!

Budapest, Hungary / March, 06

Thank you for the speedy delivery. I received the package on Friday 3 Feb 06. The stones are good quality and I am
happy with them. I will purchase from you again.

I am interested in orange and or padparadscha sapphires only. The size and cut that I am looking for is a 6.5-7mm
in a round or a round brilliant cut. This will probably be a stone from 1.25 to 1.5 ct. More pinkish orange to heavy
orange tones are preferred.

Contact me when you have something to show.

Thank you.

Marion D.
Tucson, AZ. / February, 06

The Fedex arrived yesterday afternoon, no problems. The stone looks very nice.
A pleasure dealing with you, thanks.

Colin M.
Houston, TX / February, 06

Dear Rung:
        The shipment arrived this morning, as expected.  The tourmaline is even prettier than I dared hope!  The footnote regarding its sparkle and brilliance was so true -- I cant wait to have it set into a ring to replace one I lost several years ago.    I have added your email address to my acceptable list, so from this time on I should be able to received information from you.  Thanks again for everything.   

Denise B. 

Dear Rung,

I just wanted to thank you.
I received the stone and was very impressed.
The cut was great under 10x (not too shallow) and both I and my fiance loved the color.

It was better than expected and I once again thank you for
taking care of everything so quickly.

Best Wishes and many thanks,
Walter Fogg
Sacramento, CA. / January, 06

Dear Sirs

Just a quick note to say that I received my beautiful Labradorite gemstones.They are absolutely stunning and I just
cannot thank you enough.

With bestwishes for your continued success.

Anna H.
Buffalo, NY. / February, 06

Gems arrived today. Am very pleased with quality and speed of the transaction. Am looking for more stones in the near future.
Thank You, A.D. Polo
Hemet, CA. / February, 06

Ms Rung

your email dated 1 Feb 2006, our order safely arrived today. Earlier than we expected.

we are delighted with the stones.

this was our first order with AJS, we will be buying more from you as the service and quality of gems are first class

many thanks

david k.
Kent, UK / February, 06

Hi Rung,

Just a quick note to let you know that the Moonstone (00059) arrived today. It is not the first time I have purchased from AJS and as usual, the quality of the gem and the outstanding customer service is one of the best in this business. I am sure that this gem, once set, will draw as many admiring comments as any of the others I have received from you. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to purchasing the next gem some time soon.

Kindest regards
May, 08

Thank you very much for your prompt service. I ordered my gems the week before Christmas and received them two days
later. Our first buying experience went smoothly as well.. Were so pleased with the stones and service that I thouht Id drop
you a qiuck line to say thank you..

I wish you folks a very, very Merry Christmas.. my the Lord richly bless you and yours.


S. Young.
California, central valley. December, 05

I wanted to thank you for the fine quality stones you have and wonderful service.

I had my beautiful blue zircon put in to a setting from my first engagement ring, which previously had a cz in it.  I loved the
setting, but obviously not the old cz.  Its absolutely stunning now, and I love wearing it.  It truly is as close to a perfect blue
diamond as you can get.  The sparkle and color is mesmerizing! It reminds me of the blue waters of Kauai, where we
honeymooned.  Id love to send you a pic (by email) of the ring for you to share the quality of your stones with your customers.
If youd like to, reply with your direct email address.

Thanks AJS Gems,
Sandy W.
April, 08

Hi Rung,

Received the blue zircon and antique cushion rubellite yesterday.  Both are stunning---especially the rubellite--what a striking gem!!

May, 08

Hello to you all, Arnold, Matt, and Rung!

I received my latest order yesterday, and what can I say? How can I begin?

The stones are fabulous, to say the least.

The 2 Paraibas are nothing short of magnificent - I have never seen such a luminous and radiant peacock blue before in anything in nature.
These stones are simply wonderful, needless to say, and a marvel to see in front of ones own eyes. The copper needles in the larger stone are only barely visible, and detract nothing from the splendour of the stone. In fact, I see these MINOR inclusions as an exempliary proof of the fact that Pariaba is copper-bearing! The Paraiba is a truly remarkable gemstone, and I am extrmely happy to have 2 to present in a ring/pendant set for my wife.

The Rubellites are the most intense reddish pink, and such sparkle!!
My wife loves pink at the best of times, so I can only imagine her delight when she receives the set pieces Ive planned for her.

The 2 Spinels are a gorgeous deep red, and that Tsavorite is an amazingly flashy deep green stone to behold.

I can honestly say I am THRILLED by these stones, and as always your service is impeccable. Thanks to you all again, in particular to Matt for all your helpful advice in the many e-mails we exchanged for this order, but another round of thanks to all 3 of you for your excellent parts you play so well indeed. I want you all to know and understand your friendly service - and, obviously, your product - is first-rate and truly appreciated. In addition, anyone thinking about purchasing a gemstone from your site will be very happy they did!

In sincerest appreciation from a very satisfied customer,

Ed in Vancouver, Canada

Now, for my next order... ;)

Hey matt,

Thanks so much. Received it on SAT! really quick.

Not an expert on prices. But how much normally would I be expecting to pay for the tourmaline I bought at retail prices? Also.

I should be planning a visit to your shop soon in thailand! Fantastic gems you have there~


Bryan, SG

Dear Matt,

 I received my gems yesterday morning and I am very, very happy. The roundish oval sapphire is wonderful and is going to look beautiful when mounted. The green tourmaline is that perfect bottle green Ive been looking for.. I love it. Thank you so much. I wont hesitate to buy from you again.

Debra, USA