Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

5 Days after my order arrived [9.16 ct Amethyst and 2.94 ct Green Tourmaline]. Thanks for perfect timing and very pleasant conditions of buying. I'm very satisfied and will be back for next gems adventures.

- BB, France, Mar 2014

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your quick response. It is an example of excellent customer care. I feel very assured that you have personally examined the gem before it is shipped.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that the craftsman who set the ring with the chrome tourmaline which I bought from you recently told me that it was a beautiful gem and an extremely worthy buy. It is for my daughter's birthday. We are very pleased. Thank you once again!

-- VC, Singapore, Mar 2014

Hi Ron,

The [4.09 ct] Padparadscha is gorgeous! I have to come up with a special piece of jewelry in which to set it. Thank you very much for letting me exchange the stones. Sincerely,

-- JF, USA, Feb 2014

Dear Ron,

I have had the 2.48 ct blue zircon set into my wife's engagement ring to replace the original and it looks stunning!! Fantastic colour and quality. It made the perfect Christmas gift for her. Thanks for your service. Regards,

-- Geoff M., UK, Jan 2014

Dear Ron, I have just received my Burma Spinel [0.92 Cts] with AIGS Certification! The gem is great! very very beautifull! Thanks a lot! Thank you for your courtesy. Best regards.

-- Stefano G., Italy, Jan 2014

Hi Ron,

Thank you! The gems arrived safely [4.44 ct yellow sapphire and 26.01 ct kunzite].

The gems are as described - very very nice - gorgeous! I am very satisfied. Regards,

-- Lena P., Singapore, Jan 2014

Hi Ron,

I received the gem [9.31 ct rhodonite] today. It looks great. Please forward my certificate. Best Regards,

--Ben B., USA, Dec 2013 

I have just received the [5.34 ct] Rhodolite Garnet. It is a beautiful stone and thank you for the quick service. If and when you have some new and interesting stones please let me know. Kind regards,

-- Carol C., Australia, Dec 2013

Hi Ron,

I have just received my stone [2.07 ct Bi-color Tourmaline]. It's true to colour! Am very happy and satisfied. Thank you so much for making this purchase a breeze. I would like to ask if you have tourmalines in round cabochon or square sugarloaf cabochon cut? Preferably around 8mm to 10mm in diameter. Please do let me know when these are available at your store. Thank you so much for your excellent and speedy service. Regards,

-- Joyce K., Singapore, Nov 2013

Dear Ron,

I received the tourmaline today. It's really beautiful! Thank you!

-- JA, Reunion, Nov 2013

I received the 18.38C African Amethyst from Zambia I purchased from you and took it to my jeweler for an appraisal prior to setting it in a rose gold ring mount. My VERY conservative jeweler valued it at $650 - more than double what I paid you for it! I am very particular about my stones and this is my 2nd one of a "near loop clean" clarity. It  is exactly that and is a beautiful deep purple color without zoning, perfectly cut and proportionate. I can hardly wait to get my finished ring. Thank you so much for this world class gem. I appreciate very much that your descriptions and pictures truly reflect what the customer buys - a rare thing these days - making me feel very confident in purchasing from you though you are in another country. You are always on my radar when I am searching for gems! Thanks!  

-- Faye B., Texas, USA, Nov 2013

I received the stones [4.60 ct Apatite and 5.37 ct Yellow Beryl) and am very happy with them. Thank you.

-- Anne Z., North Dakota, USA, Nov 2013

Hi Ron,

Finally set my beautiful [3.10 ct] yellow sapphire. I had a fun time setting it.

Designed it in 18k white gold with 5 csrats of diamonds. What a stunning piece.

Thank you for having beautiful gems.

-- Linda H., Colorado, USA, Nov 2013

Hello ... I have received my order and very happy with the stone goshenite beryl. I will contact you for next order.

-- Yenni, Indonesia, Nov 2013

Dear Ron,

Many thanks I received the order today [2.03 ct tsavorite garnet] – as expected it is beautiful.

-- BW, Australia, Nov 2013

Hi Ron and thank you for the great service. Have received the new stones [7.64 ct aquamarine pair] and am delighted and I will be keeping them!  Many thanks and of course, I will be coming back to you in the future.

- BJL, UK, Nov 2013

Hello Ron, the stone arrived today [3.50 ct Chrome Tourmaline]. Really beautiful. Thank you for all your help. Best regards,

-- TS, Australia, Oct 2013

Hi, Ron, I am glad to tell you that I received the gems [4.64 ct tsavorite garnet and 6.53 ct tanzanite]! They are brilliant and I really love them. Thanks for your prompt reply to every question I asked. I am looking forward to the next purchase from you! Hope to collect more fine gems. Best regards,

-- YH, Australia, Oct 2013

Thank you Ron. You have been so helpful and professional, I am impressed with you and AJS gems and will most definitely shop with you again. And I will most highly recommend AJS to anyone I know who is looking for fine gemstones. Best regards, 

-- JM, Massachusetts, USA, Oct 2013

Hi Ron

How beautiful a pair of pearls [50.73 ct South Sea Pearls].

Arrived safe and on time, thank you so much, keep in touch.

Kind regards,

-- YY, UK, Oct 2013


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