Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I just wanted to let you know I received the gem today. It's gorgeous.

Thank you,
Chi M.
TX, USA / November, 06

CO, USA / July, 06

I received the most beautiful blue zircon!
I would like to thank you and your associates for representing gems in their most truest form.
I will sing your praises to all my friends and associates.
Thank You!
Lillian H.
MI, USA / July, 06

Dear Ms Rung

I have just received my trillion pink tourmaline - its very, very pretty and it will soon start a new life as a pendant.
ordering from you and I look forward to buying more of your gems.

Best wishes
Lindsay D.
West Sussex, U.K. / August, 06

Ms. Rung,

I just received the sapphire this morning (at around 8pm your local time) and I couldnt be happier.
Your promptness of service was greatly appreciated and the stones quality is better than I could have hoped for.
This purchase has gotten a few other projects stewing in my mind,
so you will most definately receive my patronage again.

With gratitude,
Andrew T.
New Hampshire, U.S.A. / August, 06


Just got my tourmaline today and it is beautiful!!!- so much fire and a great color! -
I am having a pendant custom made for it.

Next - Ill be looking for another tourmaline the same blue color for a ring -
dimensions need to be approximately 10X8 scissor cut

Maybe you can keep an eye out for me.

Janet S.
AZ, USA / August, 06

Hi - My apatite stone arrived Saturday. Thanks so much,
Cindy G.
TN, USA / July, 06


Saphires received Friday am. They are lovely!
Thank you for your efficient, friendly service.

Adrian M.
Hertfordshire, UK/ August, 06

Dear Rung,

I received the Star Sapphire and I am very very Happy with it. Its beautiful and the Star itself is fantastic. A question, if its
possible to answer, is there a term (word) that is used to describe the fine line within this stone that runs horizontal - separating
the two color tones (light blue/dark blue). The line also appears in the picture you had posted on line. Is it a fracture or just a line of
saturated color? I love the stone and again, I am very very Happy with it.

Thank you very much
I look forward to ordering more stones from your company

Nicholas P.
NJ, U.S.A / August, 06

Ms Rung

Received the gem stone today Aug. 4, 2006. The stone was in good shape and very nice.

If you come across a bigger honey red zircon in cushion cut let me know. 5 cts would be nice. I might be interested.

Larry K.
IN, U.S.A. / August, 06

Dear Ms. Rung,
The watermelon tourmalines arrived today & they are absolutely breathtaking!!! I brought them directly to my
jeweler to have them set and he was very impressed with the even split of rich color and the excellent cut.
Thank you so much for your fast, professional service. I am thrilled beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many, many, many thanks,
SC, U.S.A / August, 06

Dear Arnold and Ms. Rung,

I received my three gems this morning and Im 100% pleased! The gems were well represented in the pictures and
comments you provided on your site, which is much appreciated when trying to decide between all of your beautiful
stones. Ill be buying more - this week! Thanks again.

C. Harkness
M. Meyer
MI, U.S.A / August, 06

dear ms. rung,
I received my gems today. Im pleased with them. I have purchased two items from you so far and
have been very satisfied with the results. Thank you for such a speedy and hassle free transaction.

Joe C.
TX, USA / September, 06

Dear Ms Rung,

Your shipment arrived today. Everything is fine !

Rolf M.
Marburg, Germany/ September, 06

Dear Ms Rung,

I received the Blue Zircon today. Thank You... it is just as advertised.

Ed M.
CA, USA / September, 06

Stones received safe - thank you.

I am very happy with each of them.

Martin F.
Aberdeen, UK / August, 06

Hi Rung

A beautiful stone as always.

Postal method very satisfactory and incredibly quick.

As before, a first class service.

Kind regards

Lynn and Marc
North Ayrshire, UK/ August, 06

Re order 19829-1401-1321
Dear Rung

Thank you very much . I am delighted with the Ruby purchased and most impressed with your service.

Being the first time I have purchased gemstones over the internet from an unknown company I was a little nervous.

However I need not have worried. I could not have asked for more.

I will certainly come back for more and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues

Thank you

Anthony B.
Hertfordshire, UK / September, 06

my order came today and i must say the service was superb, exceeded only by the quality of the gem
(i used to be a jewelry model maker and I never expected that I could get better gens over the web than through my contacts on NYCs 47th street).

I will purchase from you again. It was a great pleasure and I am thrilled with the entire experience.

thank you all!

Richard M.
PA, USA / July, 06

Dear Ms. Rung,

the apatite arrived today. I very pleased with the quality and color of the stone.

Thanks a lot !!

Best regards,

Rolf M.
Marburg, Germany / July, 06