Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I received the [3.10 ct] Rubellite yesterday and it's beautiful, as you said. It will make a lovely pendant. The post office once again neglected to keep and return the return receipt for the package, so don't be expecting that any time soon! Take care,

-- DH, USA, Jul 2017

I got the stone [11.26 ct Morganite] in good time. I was immediately impressed by the radiance of colour even before I got the bubble wrap off of it. There was a very obvious salmony-pink glow from within the confines of the wrap, and when I got closer and closer to the stone I was getting really excited by the brightness and colour. It is, indeed, a "wow" stone - you certainly weren't kidding on that part. And if you haven't already figured it out - I am very happy with the stone. I am thinking about a purely white gold setting - little border of diamonds (7-pt or so) all around the stone, simple bale, white gold chain. I was - repeat, WAS - thinking about rose gold for the bale/chain, but I think even that would take away from the stone - I want it to be ALL about this beautiful morganite! Thanks so much for this beautiful gem, not to mention all your helpful advice. Take care all - pictures as they become available.

-- ES, Canada, Jun 2017

Thanks for the package which arrived safely on Friday. Only 48 hours en route! The stone [7.78 ct Star Ruby] is lovely. Everything that your web site said it would be. Arrangements are in hand to set it for one of those numerically significant but unmentionable birthdays in October. I’m sure it will be stunning. Many thanks again. Yours,

-- CHR, UK, Jun 2017


I just received this little beauty [0.92 ct Color Change Garnet]. Very bright and good color change. Best to you all!

-- JD, USA, May 2017

Hi Arnie, I finally received the ruby on Monday but did not have a chance to open the package until last night. The ruby is beautiful. The color is outstanding. And it is bigger than I thought it would be. I think because it is a "pudgy" oval which makes it appear larger. Thanks so much for your help in getting me the ruby I've always wanted. I will send you a picture of the ruby in my future ring when I get it set. I will go with lots of diamonds around it like you suggested. In the future, if you come across another nice ruby with this color and price range let me know. I will let you know when I get the paperwork from Bangkok. Best regards,

-- JC, USA, May 2017

Hi Ron, I have just received the gems. The peridot is super bright clean and sparkly, thanks for your advice on that one. And I'm very happy with your suggestion to go with the 3.75 yellow sapphire. Its a fantastic colour and shines like a yellow diamond. Most excellent, once again, and thank you for your time and help. Kind regards,

- RM, New Zealand, May 2017

I picked it up [2.29 ct Blue Zircon] and it's beautiful! Thank you,

- TM, USA, May 2017

Hi Ron, good news I got the stone (14.35 ct Blue Fluorite) today thank you for checking on it I'm glad I got it it's awesome thanks.

-- JZ, USA, Apr 2017

Hi Ron and team, I received the package yesterday (Grandidierite).  It's tiny but beautiful. I will be keeping it. Thanks again. (Got my eyes on one of those pairs of purple garnet.)

-- DH, USA, Apr 2017

Hi Ron, I received the [5.17 ct] spessartite garnet and it is beautiful! Thanks again. Best regards, 

-- GM, Canada, Mar 2017

Hi Ron, just so you know, the package was delivered this morning. It took a while, but we are very pleased with the [tanzanite] stone, so it's now off to the jeweler. Regards,

-- MC, Canada, Mar 2017

Dear Ron, The stone [4.47 ct rubellite tourmaline] arrived this morning -- beautiful. Thank you so very much. Warmest regards.

-- WH, Singapore, Feb 2017

Hi Ron, the 15.03 ct Kunzite arrived and is beautiful thank you! Kind regards

-- YQ, Australia, Feb 2017

Ron, Just received the alexandrite today and I am very pleased. It's even better than the photos. Thanks so much,

-- BK, USA, Jan 2017

The Grandidierite arrived yesterday, and it is truly beautiful! ... I look forward to having it set into a piece of jewelry so that I may wear it and truly enjoy its splendor!!!  Thank you very much Ron.

-- CR, USA, Jan 2017

Dear Ron,

Please see the attached photo of my 7.1mm yellow sapphire in it's new setting.  I am sorry I was not able to get the focus on the sapphire as well as I wanted as it is a very clear stone in person.  I am absolutely thrilled with it, get so many compliment, and have recommended AJS Gems to my friends and will continue to send people your way.

Best regards,

HCR, USA, Oct 2016

Thanks very much for the update and all your help … your site is educational and easy to work with which makes my life easier … 

- JF, USA, Oct 2016

Per your request, please see the attached photos. The stone [aquamarine] could not have worked out better. The ring looks timeless, and will be part of our family for generations.  Thanks again for your help.

-- CH, USA, Aug 2016 

Hi Ron, thank you for shipping the moonstone, it arrived end of June. Only today I checked my university mail, where it was waiting for me. I'm quite happy with the specimen; adularescence is much better than shown in photos. So it will make a very useful test subject. Thanks again,

- DBT, USA, Aug 2016

Dear Ron, the gems (aquamarine, tourmaline, pink sapphire and chrysoberyl) arrived yesterday and are very beautiful, with even nicer colors than in the pictures. Very much appreciated! Thanks,

-- DP, Switzerland, Aug 2016