Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Hallo! Last week I have received all the 6 gemstones that I have ordered and I am pleased to admit that I am very happy and satisfied with them. They all have gorgeous color and perfect brilliance, carefully packed, they were received in good order. Thank you very much!

-- RP, Netherlands, Feb 2019

Thank you very much Ron. By the way I wanted to thank you very much for the excellent service, advice and flexibility. I am very happy with my first ruby - it looks great and I think that’s the perfect color for me. Best regards,

-- TG, Switzerland, Feb 2019

Hi Ron, received [6.81 ct Bi-Color Tourmaline] in good order, thank you.

-- PJ, Australia, Jan 2019

Got it today [2.61 ct Danburite], I’m so impressed and happy with the quality. Do you have all the measurements so that I can have it put in a setting?

-- DW, USA, Jan 2019

Dear Ron I received the order [white zircon] and happy about it, thank you.

-- TN, Canada, Dec 2018

Little Yellow Opal Dragon arrived yesterday. She is now happily up on shelf with a few other creatures enjoying life in America. She is Great. Always a pleasure. And thank you for careful packing.

-- GJM, USA, Nov 2018

Hi Ron, Sphene!!!! so gorgeous, thank you very much. All the best,

- JMW, USA, Nov 2018

Ron, the stone [9.26 ct Kunzite] was delivered Monday. I'm very happy with the purchase. Gem has that beautiful deep violet color around the crown that I hoped would be there, based on photo. Clarity exceeded expectations. And I really like the registered mail shipping process. No issues whatsoever. A good experience doing business with you. Kind regards,

-- GF, USA, Oct 2018

Hello Ron, thank you very much for all your help and your excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and I will make a purchase with you again in the future. Wish you and your company all the best.

-- VC, Canada, Oct 2018

Ron, fantastic. Absolutely love them [mexican opal, idocrase, scapolite, fluorite, tanzanite, yellow beryl, apatite, red zircon, amethyst, citrine]. Very securely parcelled too. It’s a surprise for my wife as she started her own jewellery design company a couple of years ago but had to mothball it as the day job in a bank took over. Thought she might like some incentives to kick start it again. Might take a while but once she has produced some finished products using your gems, will send photos. Cheers, and we’ll talk again.

-- MR, Hong Kong, Sept 2018

Hello, I received the gems [Apatite and Kunzite] well today. They are very nice quality, thank you very much. We will buy again in the future. Kind regards 

-- DP, Belgium, Jul 2018

Arnold, Ron - got the shipment here [22.09 ct Melo Pearl] on Thursday afternoon - all I can say is WOW - gorgeous soft creamy orange colour and a perfect drop-shape. I have a great plan in mind for this pearl. Thank you so much for yet another great piece - when 'my guy' gets back from his vacation, this pearl is going to be the immediate next project he and I collaborate on! So much fun!! Thanks again!

-- ES, Canada, Jul 2018

I got my gemstones in today (10.77 ct Fluorite, 12.15 ct Mexican Opal and 4.72 ct Idocrase). Everything was as I expected and I have no complaints. Though I do have to say that this is getting to be addicting. Next thing I know I'll be buying Burma rubies and pink sapphires!

-- RA, USA, Jul 2018

Arnold, I wanted to report on that last batch of gems you sent my way... That rather large kunzite is drop-dead gorgeous... imagining it surrounded by 10 pointers... what a piece that one is!!!!! Love the blue zircon too, and that golden yellow sapphire. That soft pink set of pink topaz are lovely too - I am so happy with everything in that box, and what a colourful box it was!! haha Thanks to you and everybody for everything :)

-- ES, Canada, Jun 2018

Hi Ron, I just received my 5.07ct Mandarin Spessartite Garnet today. I'm very happy with the gemstone. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much for packing the gemstone with a lot of care! Best Regards,

-- DN, USA, May 2018

I received the Goshenite and it is beautiful!!! It made my day to open and be this pleased with it. Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad I chose to go with you. It was strange that I even did too because I surely wouldn’t have thought I would have bought anything off of one picture that wasn’t even a real live picture!!! All the other stones I looked at on the internet I wouldn’t purchase and they had multiple pics, but I had a good feeling about yours for some odd reason and now I know why lol. It is exactly what I wanted and was expecting. It was wrapped in like four different packages and I was saying to myself, this would be really messed up if I opened all these packages to get to the center of nothing, but there she was shining away haha. Thanks again, I really appreciate it and I will definitely be purchasing loose stones from you again in the future!!!

-- MBK, USA, Apr 2018

Dear Ron, my gems have just arrived and they are beautiful - the Citrine and Rhodolite garnets look perfect together - I just can't wait to have them set into a huge blingy ring! Once again your service has exceeded expectations and my delivery arrived exactly on time. Thank you so much. Warm regards,

-- KR, Australia, Mar 2018

The stone [6.09 ct Apatite] is well received today. It’s as pretty as the picture. Thanks.

-- AW, Hong Kong, Mar 2018

Ron, the [4.29 ct] imperial topaz I ordered arrived this afternoon. Very nice. Couldn't ask for better service. Well packaged. Great communication. Extremely fast shipping. I hope to do more business with you in the near future. Thanks Again,

-- LP, USA, Mar 2018

Dear Ron, the [Alexandrite] pendant arrived, and it is exquisite! It certainly does speak for itself, as you said it would. Even the chain has a lively sparkle to it - great choice. I will let you know whether the length of the chain is correct once she's had a chance to try it on. Thank you once again, and I look forward to working with you on more projects! Best regards,

-- AU, USA, Feb 2018