Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Dear Ron, I have received my gemstone today [1.29 ct Pink Tourmaline] and I can say it was well packaged. Thank you very much for the reassurance. The gemstone is really really pretty and I’m happy with it!

-- DS, Brunei Darussalam, Mar 2020

Hello Ron, I received the [5.51 ct] Chrysoberyl [pendant] today and it is very lovely. I am so very pleased with all the stones you have done for me. It's a great collection of pendants. Thank you!

-- YEH, USA, Mar 2020

The stone arrived and I love it [3.87 ct Bi-color Tourmaline]. Thank you for the quality service again.

-- SW, USA, Mar 2020

It arrived today [1.29 ct Mali Garnet]. I love it! Many thanks to you all.

-- ST, USA, Feb 2020

Hello Ron, the [17.09 ct] Malaia Garnet [pendant] came today.  It is quite spectacular isn't it?!  I LOVE everything about it -- the shape, the clarity, the color, and, of course, the setting! Thank you so much,

-- YEH, USA, Feb 2020

Ron, just picked up the stone [7.83 ct Pink Malaia Garnet] ... a masterpiece. Seems like something from another planet. Your photos abysmally failed to do it justice; so much better in person.

Such a mood stone ... under certain lights, dark with intense red fire ... others, much more red with blue fire ... and a few lights, more peach than anything.  Overall, a very wide range of hues.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the lavender-magenta (my favorite colors) that are present. Of course, pink is the main color.  

The other truly amazing thing is that the fire emits from the entirety of the stone - center included.  Most high-dispersion stones that I've seen primarily emit fire at or near the edges.  I guess this is because the dispersed light doesn't travel as far through the stone on the edges and, therefore, isn't absorbed as much.  With this stone, it's radiating right out of its center - I see no way possible that this registers the same level of dispersion as what is normally advertised for a garnet.  I've got a pretty nice greenish-blue zircon that can't even come close to the fire of this stone and zircons are supposed to register far higher levels than a garnet ...

-- CM, USA, Jan 2020

Truly beautiful Ron. Perfect ring [3.17 ct Blue Star Sapphire in 18k white gold] to have purchased, I am glad to have found you. Thank you so much for the fast shipping!! Will buy again in the future without hesitation.

-- LL, USA, Jan 2020

Hello Ron, Yes, I received my shipment.  The stone [4.42 ct Sphene] is beautiful. I am very pleased. Thank you.

-- JH, USA, Nov 2019

Hi Ron, Just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased with my [1.16 ct] Burma Ruby that I recently purchased.  The color is fantastic and the price was very reasonable. I will shop with ajs gems again.  Thanks for all your help in picking out the right ruby. Best regards,

-- JC, USA, Oct 2019

No question--just an endorsement--Ron recently sent me an amethyst and an imperial topaz in one of his settings--Both are exquisite stones--had a clear day with strong sunlight here and looked at them again--strong sunlight is the best way to see a stone--both stones: great cuts and extraordinary clarity. I have never seen such stones as these---If you want quality stones, AJS provides them ... Every one I have purchased has exceeded my expectations. Well done, Ron --and feel free to put his review on your website.

-- RA, USA, Sep 2019

The sapphires [1.97 ct Blue Sapphire matched pair] are AMAZING and I am VERY pleased!! They blend well with the sapphire on my ring even though that one has a hint more violet. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to get them.  Thank you so much! 

-- JA, USA, Sep 2019

Hi! Gemstone delivery is so fast and quality is so good that I bragged about it [0.42 ct Jeremejevite] on SNS. Everyone told me it was so beautiful. Thank you! Can you sell me a pear-cutting later with a blue-colored Jeremejevite? An acquaintance bought a beautiful blue pear-cutting Jeremejevite here and it was so beautiful.

-- LJ, South Korea, Aug 2019

Hi Ron, it is hard to believe that there is two-day shipping from Thailand. I received the [19.87 ct] aquamarine yesterday. It is exquisite! Thank you so much. While I initially intended to have a ring made, I may have a pendant made instead. We shall see. I also may come back to you regarding the malaia garnet I first inquired about. It, too, is very beautiful and is perfectly dimensioned as a ring. :)  Thanks again. Really appreciate you making my (and Michael’s, of course) experience with AJS a positive one.

-- JM, USA, Jul 2019

I have had many dealings with AJS Gems and feel very strongly about their wonderful service, honesty and return policies. I have bought quite a few very high end stones from them including tsavorites, mandarin garnets, spinels, blue zircons, etc. I have kept 90% of the stone I have ordered. The thing I love iis the no hassle retun policy. The stones I returned were OK and well priced, but not exactly what I was looking for. They took them back with no questions asked. Both Arnold and Rung are very helpful. I recommend you email them and have them give you their honest opinion on the stone compared to others on their website and in general. From Pricescope Forum

 -- MJO

Hi Ron, the stone just arrived [1.10 ct Demantoid Garnet] and it’s fantastic, thanks so much!!

-- MQ, Philippines, May 2019

Gems arrived and are beautiful, especially the [2.2 ct matched pair of] spessartites!

- YQ, Australia, May 2019

Dear Ron, I received the [1.51 ct] spinel yesterday. I am delighted and thrilled! I would say the AJS Gems description and video are highly accurate. The gem is vivid and lively. My only question is: Do you have any more Burma spinel like that?  Thank you very much! 

-- AC, Singapore, May 2019

Hi Ron: the stone [1.87 ct Chrome Diopside] arrived yesterday and is very nice. Please keep your eye out for a larger stone. Specifically, I'm looking for a 3 carat cushion cut, loupe clean, same or better refraction as the one you sent me.

-- SH, USA, Apr 2019

Hi Ron, just wanted to thank you the stone [5.93 ct Morganite] is absolutely amazing. I am really happy. You have been a delight to deal with and I appreciate all the effort. Thank you again. Regards,

-- TG, Australia, Mar 2019

Just FYI, just got the Gems today [10.70 ct Garnet Suite].  Looks great, it should make a great earring set. I especially love the Mandarin Spessarite Garnets, so bright orange. Thanks,

-- BL, USA, Feb 2019