Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

I got my gemstones in today (10.77 ct Fluorite, 12.15 ct Mexican Opal and 4.72 ct Idocrase). Everything was as I expected and I have no complaints. Though I do have to say that this is getting to be addicting. Next thing I know I'll be buying Burma rubies and pink sapphires!

-- RA, USA, Jul 2018

Arnold, I wanted to report on that last batch of gems you sent my way... That rather large kunzite is drop-dead gorgeous... imagining it surrounded by 10 pointers... what a piece that one is!!!!! Love the blue zircon too, and that golden yellow sapphire. That soft pink set of pink topaz are lovely too - I am so happy with everything in that box, and what a colourful box it was!! haha Thanks to you and everybody for everything :)

-- ES, Canada, Jun 2018

Hi Ron, I just received my 5.07ct Mandarin Spessartite Garnet today. I'm very happy with the gemstone. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much for packing the gemstone with a lot of care! Best Regards,

-- DN, USA, May 2018

I received the Goshenite and it is beautiful!!! It made my day to open and be this pleased with it. Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad I chose to go with you. It was strange that I even did too because I surely wouldn’t have thought I would have bought anything off of one picture that wasn’t even a real live picture!!! All the other stones I looked at on the internet I wouldn’t purchase and they had multiple pics, but I had a good feeling about yours for some odd reason and now I know why lol. It is exactly what I wanted and was expecting. It was wrapped in like four different packages and I was saying to myself, this would be really messed up if I opened all these packages to get to the center of nothing, but there she was shining away haha. Thanks again, I really appreciate it and I will definitely be purchasing loose stones from you again in the future!!!

-- MBK, USA, Apr 2018

Dear Ron, my gems have just arrived and they are beautiful - the Citrine and Rhodolite garnets look perfect together - I just can't wait to have them set into a huge blingy ring! Once again your service has exceeded expectations and my delivery arrived exactly on time. Thank you so much. Warm regards,

-- KR, Australia, Mar 2018

The stone [6.09 ct Apatite] is well received today. It’s as pretty as the picture. Thanks.

-- AW, Hong Kong, Mar 2018


Ron, the [4.29 ct] imperial topaz I ordered arrived this afternoon. Very nice. Couldn't ask for better service. Well packaged. Great communication. Extremely fast shipping. I hope to do more business with you in the near future. Thanks Again,

-- LP, USA, Mar 2018

Dear Ron, the [Alexandrite] pendant arrived, and it is exquisite! It certainly does speak for itself, as you said it would. Even the chain has a lively sparkle to it - great choice. I will let you know whether the length of the chain is correct once she's had a chance to try it on. Thank you once again, and I look forward to working with you on more projects! Best regards,

-- AU, USA, Feb 2018

Hi Ron, I just received the stone [5.23 ct Honey Zircon]. Thank you so very much I just love it. Will speak to my jeweller to see what design she can make it into and may get some small diamonds from you. Thank you so so very much. Kind regards

-- CD, Australia, Feb 2018

Hello Ron, my [4.53 ct Blue Green] Tourmaline has arrived and its absolutely beautiful - thank you! Regards,

-- KM, Australia, Jan 2018

Got 'em, Ron [8.78 ct Aquamarine Pair]. Thanks - they are lovely.

-- JB, USA, Dec 2017

Dear Ron, I have just received the stone [1.74 ct Mahenge Spinel], it is as pretty as the picture on your website. I'm really happy with the purchase, will definitely purchase again in the future! Regards

-- JL, Hong Kong, Dec 2017

Hello, I got the Tanzanite today, and the quality and colour is awesome. Thank you for this masterpiece of nature.

-- RS, Romania, Oct 2017

Dear Ron, my order of the Color Change Garnets finally arrived. Thank you for the updates on when it should arrive. The stones are Gorgeous!!! I was quite surprised that  the color change wasn't lilac or lavender as in the photo on your site. It was more purple. Sincerely,

 -- TS, USA, Sept 2017

I made my first purchase from you and received it today. I was perfectly delighted above my expectations. I had never ordered a stone from overseas and was more than a bit apprehensive. I had no reason to be. I will definitely be buying from you again. I purchased a paraiba apatite and the color was even more vivid than the picture, with the rich fire of a superb gem. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations!

-- BW, USA, Sept 2017

Hi,  I am glad I kept the stone [blue green tourmaline] I bought from you. My local jeweler made this beautiful ring which I love. They were very impressed with the quality of the stone. I thought I will let you know. Thank you.

-- PM, Canada, Aug 2017

Thank you! I got the stone [paraiba tourmaline], very nice Quality of color.

-- JH, Hong Kong, Aug 2017

Just FYI, I just received the star ruby. It is gorgeous. I will definitely come back for more later this year. Let me know when u guys get something similar in that size.

-- BL, USA, Aug 2017

Hello, My order arrived today! Beautiful piece [20.39 ct Kunzite]! Thank you,

-- RS, Romania, Jul 2017


Ron, the pendant made by S.J. arrived a few days ago, and I had my first in person look at the stone [12.60 ct Morganite]. Frankly, I had no idea what to expect from the still photo on your website or from the video. The color, in my judgment, is more subtle and a different hue from what I anticipated. Having said that, the color and life of the stone vastly exceed my best hope. To my eye the stone is an entrancing, limpid peach with hints of orange and pink. It is wonderfully bright and perfectly transparent; and, while definitely a pastel, it is robust enough to hold its own amid the significant diamonds around it. The most import thing is you told me the stone is exceptional, and your advice, as ever, turned out to be true. Joan finds the morganite so entrancing that, when she's not wearing the pendant, she often opens the box just to look and delight in it. (This is her first and only morganite. She's named it J.P.) As usual, S.J. did an excellent job with the setting. Thanks for your help in this matter, Ron. I'll send you a photo soon. Best,

-- EM, USA, Jul 2017