Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Hi Ron, I got it [6.17 ct Sphene] yesterday and it's beautiful! Thanks so much for following up.

-- CF, USA, Jan 2021

Thank you so much Ron! Your reputation precedes you which is why after a very long internet search, I decided to use AJS Gems for my purchase. I can't wait to see them [8.85 ct Amethyst pair] and design something for my beautiful girlfriend. Sincerely,

-- TS, USA, Dec 2020

Hello! The stone was received [11.92 ct Chrysoprase], very beautiful !!!!  Thank you very much!!!

-- VK, Russia, Dec 2020

Dear Ron, Thank you for following up the order, I have already collected the registered post from the post office. The [5.42 ct Santa Maria] Aquamarine is beautiful and I am happy with its quality, thx! Regards,

-- CP, Hong Kong, Dec 2020

Hello Ron, the Kunzite pendant arrived already today. It is very beautiful! Thank you very much. You will hear from me again:) Take care,

-- YEH, USA, Oct 2020

Hi Ron, the ring arrived and is perfect. It is on her hand. The cut, polish, color and clarity of the Tanzanite is superb as far as I'm concerned. Thank you and all at AJS for providing this excellent product and first rate service. Sincerely,

-- TD, USA, Oct 2020

Hi Ron: The 4.54 ct Santa Maria Aquamarines are stunningly beautiful. To hold them in the light is almost indescribable, like the worlds best sapphires  THANK YOU.

-- RS, Canada, Sep 2020

My 9.18 ct Citrine pendant is stunning!! Thank you, again!! Everything I have ever bought from AJS is gorgeous!!

-- CJ, USA, Sep 2020

Hi Ron, It's a beautiful stone [2.16 ct unheated Blue Sapphire] - thanks for your excellent service. As Arnie says..."I'll be back."

-- SP, USA, Aug 2020

Dear Ron, I have to say this, the gemstones I purchased and received from you so far, are all stunningly beautiful. Today, I opened the Fedex box re the 8.29 ct Tsavorite oval sugarloaf, and it is breathtaking! The quality is so high and I am glad that I finally decided to purchase from your store. Like the 9.85 ct. Morganite is also amazingly pretty. I look forward to receiving the other aquamarines, diaspore and fire opal. Thank you very much. Kind regards,

-- CMC, Hong Kong, Jul 2020

Dear Ron, Thank you for your email. I have gotten the gems today [blue zircon, apatite, peridot, red zircon]. They are so beautiful. Thank you very much! Best wishes,

-- SK, Singapore, Jun 2020

Hi, this arrived yesterday [8.59 ct Amethyst], so well packed, and very beautiful.  Thank you very much for helping me get started with my first purchase!

-- TH, USA, Jun 2020

Hello Mr. Ron, you have done an outstanding job!!  I love my ring so much already!! Thank you once again for providing superior customer service and remaining true to your word. Your patience and genuine concern is much appreciated. I will certainly keep you in mind for my next purchase. I cannot wait to put this ring on my finger. I love the fact that you recommended this stone to me. I never knew Mandarin Garnets existed. I love this vivid orange stone. Please feel free to add me to your list of happy customers and add my comments for your testimonial.

-- SB, USA, Jun 2020

I just received your stones [Apatite and Chrome Diopside] and they're awesome. Thank you very much.

-- AL, Australia, Jun 2020

Hi Ron, these arrived today after a delay at customs [Imperial Topaz suite and Aquamarine pair]. All is good -- very pleased with them, they are spectacular! Thank you for your help in selecting them. 

-- DP, Canada, May 2020

Dear Ron, Just to let you know my daughter has received the spinel. It is every bit what I imagined and I am very happy with it. It is my second Tanzanian spinel from you.  It has a the most stunning colour and brilliance. As always your stones are exquisite. Thank you for your efficient delivery. Kind regards,

-- TP, South Africa, May 2020

Hi Ron, I’ve just received it [2.53 ct Sphene] and I’m thrilled, its stunning and I’m so glad I opted for the brighter one. Many thanks. Regards

-- RC, UK, May 2020

Hi Ron, I've got the [1.19 ct Burma] Ruby. It's absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much.

-- AL, Australia, May 2020

Dear Ron, the 3.51 ct pink tourmaline was delivered this afternoon and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your help. Best regards,

-- DH, USA, Apr 2020

Hi Ron, Rung, and Team, I received the lovely sphene today (despite the 2-day shipping, it took an extra week to arrive because of the COVID delays, but I did finally receive it).  It's such a beautiful green, full of sparkle and colorful fire.  Definitely a keeper. Best wishes,

-- DH, USA, Apr 2020