Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Hello Ron, Yes, I received my shipment.  The stone [4.42 ct Sphene] is beautiful. I am very pleased. Thank you.

-- JH, USA, Nov 2019

Hi Ron, Just wanted to let you know that I am really pleased with my [1.16 ct] Burma Ruby that I recently purchased.  The color is fantastic and the price was very reasonable. I will shop with ajs gems again.  Thanks for all your help in picking out the right ruby. Best regards,

-- JC, USA, Oct 2019

No question--just an endorsement--Ron recently sent me an amethyst and an imperial topaz in one of his settings--Both are exquisite stones--had a clear day with strong sunlight here and looked at them again--strong sunlight is the best way to see a stone--both stones: great cuts and extraordinary clarity. I have never seen such stones as these---If you want quality stones, AJS provides them ... Every one I have purchased has exceeded my expectations. Well done, Ron --and feel free to put his review on your website.

-- RA, USA, Sep 2019


The sapphires [1.97 ct Blue Sapphire matched pair] are AMAZING and I am VERY pleased!! They blend well with the sapphire on my ring even though that one has a hint more violet. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to get them.  Thank you so much! 

-- JA, USA, Sep 2019

Hi! Gemstone delivery is so fast and quality is so good that I bragged about it [0.42 ct Jeremejevite] on SNS. Everyone told me it was so beautiful. Thank you! Can you sell me a pear-cutting later with a blue-colored Jeremejevite? An acquaintance bought a beautiful blue pear-cutting Jeremejevite here and it was so beautiful.

-- LJ, South Korea, Aug 2019

Hi Ron, it is hard to believe that there is two-day shipping from Thailand. I received the [19.87 ct] aquamarine yesterday. It is exquisite! Thank you so much. While I initially intended to have a ring made, I may have a pendant made instead. We shall see. I also may come back to you regarding the malaia garnet I first inquired about. It, too, is very beautiful and is perfectly dimensioned as a ring. :)  Thanks again. Really appreciate you making my (and Michael’s, of course) experience with AJS a positive one.

-- JM, USA, Jul 2019

I have had many dealings with AJS Gems and feel very strongly about their wonderful service, honesty and return policies. I have bought quite a few very high end stones from them including tsavorites, mandarin garnets, spinels, blue zircons, etc. I have kept 90% of the stone I have ordered. The thing I love iis the no hassle retun policy. The stones I returned were OK and well priced, but not exactly what I was looking for. They took them back with no questions asked. Both Arnold and Rung are very helpful. I recommend you email them and have them give you their honest opinion on the stone compared to others on their website and in general. From Pricescope Forum

 -- MJO

Hi Ron, the stone just arrived [1.10 ct Demantoid Garnet] and it’s fantastic, thanks so much!!

-- MQ, Philippines, May 2019

Gems arrived and are beautiful, especially the [2.2 ct matched pair of] spessartites!

- YQ, Australia, May 2019

Dear Ron, I received the [1.51 ct] spinel yesterday. I am delighted and thrilled! I would say the AJS Gems description and video are highly accurate. The gem is vivid and lively. My only question is: Do you have any more Burma spinel like that?  Thank you very much! 

-- AC, Singapore, May 2019

Hi Ron: the stone [1.87 ct Chrome Diopside] arrived yesterday and is very nice. Please keep your eye out for a larger stone. Specifically, I'm looking for a 3 carat cushion cut, loupe clean, same or better refraction as the one you sent me.

-- SH, USA, Apr 2019

Hi Ron, just wanted to thank you the stone [5.93 ct Morganite] is absolutely amazing. I am really happy. You have been a delight to deal with and I appreciate all the effort. Thank you again. Regards,

-- TG, Australia, Mar 2019

Just FYI, just got the Gems today [10.70 ct Garnet Suite].  Looks great, it should make a great earring set. I especially love the Mandarin Spessarite Garnets, so bright orange. Thanks,

-- BL, USA, Feb 2019

Hallo! Last week I have received all the 6 gemstones that I have ordered and I am pleased to admit that I am very happy and satisfied with them. They all have gorgeous color and perfect brilliance, carefully packed, they were received in good order. Thank you very much!

-- RP, Netherlands, Feb 2019

Thank you very much Ron. By the way I wanted to thank you very much for the excellent service, advice and flexibility. I am very happy with my first ruby - it looks great and I think that’s the perfect color for me. Best regards,

-- TG, Switzerland, Feb 2019

Hi Ron, received [6.81 ct Bi-Color Tourmaline] in good order, thank you.

-- PJ, Australia, Jan 2019

Got it today [2.61 ct Danburite], I’m so impressed and happy with the quality. Do you have all the measurements so that I can have it put in a setting?

-- DW, USA, Jan 2019

Dear Ron I received the order [white zircon] and happy about it, thank you.

-- TN, Canada, Dec 2018

Little Yellow Opal Dragon arrived yesterday. She is now happily up on shelf with a few other creatures enjoying life in America. She is Great. Always a pleasure. And thank you for careful packing.

-- GJM, USA, Nov 2018

Hi Ron, Sphene!!!! so gorgeous, thank you very much. All the best,

- JMW, USA, Nov 2018