Customer Reviews

We often receive unsolicited comments from our clients and we post them here for the benefit of customers contemplating their first purchase of a fine gemstone from AJS Gems.

Arrived on Friday--wonderful stone and setting. Thanks so much for putting it into the setting. My daughter in law will love it. You remain my go to site for fine gemstones. Quality stones, quality settings, and quality service.

Thank you so much. (feel free to publish this recommendation)


--Roger A., WA, USA, Feb 28,2022

Received the peridot in the pave diamond setting--fabulous! This was a gift for my daughter in law number 1. I have ordered the purple garnet in pave diamond setting for daughter in law two. The stones and settings have all been beautiful and the customer service wonderful.

Thanks for all you do! Quality gemstones and excellent customer service!

--Roger A., USA, Jan 24,2022

Received the trillion mint garnet today. Outstanding! 'Will send a pic in several months when the ring is done.

Thanks again!  Amazing stone!

-- Joe C., USA, Jan 2022


Dear Rung,

I’d just like to confirm receipt of my peridot which arrived this morning! So quick!

I love this apple green colour of this piece of peridot. &Thank you.

-- Vivienne T., USA, Oct 2021

UPS just delivered the custom 1.42 ct. Ruby ring. It. Is. Stunning. Simple and elegant, just how I like it. I can’t stop looking at it! I never understood all the hoopla over “pigeons blood” red until now, until I laid eyes on this Ruby. I could not be happier.

Thank you for your patience answering all my questions and thank you for being friendly, honest and reputable. I also appreciate the insanely fast shipping. Your communication throughout the process put me at ease and the quality and workmanship of the ring are top notch. You have a customer for life and I’ll be sure to tell anybody who’ll listen that AJS Gems did me right. This Ruby is definitely the right investment choice and will be in my family for many generations to come. Thank you again!

-- Bryan A., USA, Mar 2021

Hello Ron, I have been so busy but everything is finally settling nicely, so I can write a proper message expressing my thanks. I am very grateful to you for your frank assessments, patience, and advice about the [30.98 ct] scapolite. I have seen many cuts for scapolite stones of varying quality, veering between mediocre cuts to precision-brilliance but overly flashy (and not to my liking). I had not found anything that expresses calmness, wisdom and unwavering elegance as I want in a scapolite, until AJS Gems. Love the details, the serenity, the balance, the quiet confidence that is beautifully expressed in the artistry for this custom AJS-cut scapolite gemstone. Absolutely stunning under different lights, because it knows how to shine in a soothing manner without being gaudy or annoying. Looking at it now, after having perused it several times before in different moods, my instincts happily reaffirm my senses that it is even more than what I had expected from the video. I now know how to go forward to set this scapolite, to complement my sunstones plus other jewellery. My deepest thanks for an interesting and engaging buying experience, which has also taught me many important things!

-- AS, Singapore, May 2021

Arrived today [19.67 ct Madeira Citrine and diamond pendant] ....Well Ron its even prettier in person! Thank you again for your kindness and steadfast professionalism. I will be back and checking frequently on your new inventory. My best,

-- AB, USA, May 2021

"Wow" is all I can say [3.11 ct Royal Purple Garnet]!  I have never seen one of these grape garnets in person. It is incredible, Ron! And they're so affordable. Purple gems are really tricky... I don't care for the muted shades of purple you typically find in untreated sapphires and spinels, and I wanted something a bit more high-end than a Uruguayan amethyst. There's not much left in the purple family when you eliminate those choices. So this stone worked out perfectly.  Thanks again for your help!

-- AP, USA, Apr 2021

Hi Ron, We have received the Amethyst and are happy with our purchase. Prompt and friendly communication throughout the transaction. Kind regards, 

-- C&N, New Zealand, Mar 2021

Dear Ron, Thank you for your extension of time. The gem has returned from the appraiser. The good news is there is no bad news. I am very pleased with the [10.32 ct Unheated 12 Ray Star] Ruby purchased from you. I will refer other gem stone seekers to your website. Best regards,

-- RB, Australia, Mar 2021

Dear Ron, I received the gem silica today and it exceeds my expectation. Its beautiful greenish blue color combined with the translucency makes it look like a piece of ocean. I really love it. Thank you for your help and the fast shipping. Best regards,

-- SL, South Korea, Feb 2021

Hi Ron, I got it [6.17 ct Sphene] yesterday and it's beautiful! Thanks so much for following up.

-- CF, USA, Jan 2021

Thank you so much Ron! Your reputation precedes you which is why after a very long internet search, I decided to use AJS Gems for my purchase. I can't wait to see them [8.85 ct Amethyst pair] and design something for my beautiful girlfriend. Sincerely,

-- TS, USA, Dec 2020

Hello! The stone was received [11.92 ct Chrysoprase], very beautiful !!!!  Thank you very much!!!

-- VK, Russia, Dec 2020

Dear Ron, Thank you for following up the order, I have already collected the registered post from the post office. The [5.42 ct Santa Maria] Aquamarine is beautiful and I am happy with its quality, thx! Regards,

-- CP, Hong Kong, Dec 2020

Hello Ron, the Kunzite pendant arrived already today. It is very beautiful! Thank you very much. You will hear from me again:) Take care,

-- YEH, USA, Oct 2020

Hi Ron, the ring arrived and is perfect. It is on her hand. The cut, polish, color and clarity of the Tanzanite is superb as far as I'm concerned. Thank you and all at AJS for providing this excellent product and first rate service. Sincerely,

-- TD, USA, Oct 2020

Hi Ron: The 4.54 ct Santa Maria Aquamarines are stunningly beautiful. To hold them in the light is almost indescribable, like the worlds best sapphires  THANK YOU.

-- RS, Canada, Sep 2020

My 9.18 ct Citrine pendant is stunning!! Thank you, again!! Everything I have ever bought from AJS is gorgeous!!

-- CJ, USA, Sep 2020

Hi Ron, It's a beautiful stone [2.16 ct unheated Blue Sapphire] - thanks for your excellent service. As Arnie says..."I'll be back."

-- SP, USA, Aug 2020