Grandidierite is a very rare mineral that was first discovered in southern Madagascar in the early 20th century. Since grandidierite is quite hard, high quality material has been cut as gemstones, making it one of the very rarest gems, in a class with varieties like benitoite, painite, taaffeite and jeremejevite. You will often see grandidierite included in lists of the 10 rarest gem varieties in the world.

We have had samples certified by GIA, who has issued special reports on our larger grandidierites as especially notable specimens. We can obtain reports from GIA on gems that have not yet been certified. See a sample GIA Grandidierite Report

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Grandidierite - 0.31 carats
# GDR4517NV
5.81 x 3.50 x 1.75 mm
Untreated, Translucent
US $82.00