Astrophillite - 9.04 carats *

Astrophillite is a rare titanium mineral from the Khibiny Mountains in Russia. Its name in translation means star sheets and probably comes from the inter-grown starlike aggregates that can form in the gem. The Color is usually golden yellow or yellowish brown and is often patchy or heterogeneous in distribution in theses gem specimens it is in a matrix of quartz and feldspar. This rare gemstone will make a fine piece of jewelry or addition to any collection of gemstones. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed AJS Gems Bangkok.

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Total weight: 9.04 carats
Price (USD): $36.00
17.80 x 13.10 x 4.80 mm

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July 02, 2020


Natural Astrophillite
Pieces: 1 Pc
Weight: 9.04 Cts
Size: 17.80 x 13.10 x 4.80 mm
Shape: Oval
Cut: Cabochon
Origin: Khibiny Mount, Russia
Comment: Unheated
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