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Natural Kunzite

Kunzite was first discovered in San Diego, California in 1902. So it is an a fairly young stone in the market. But it has become very popular in recent years as consumers have fallen in love with pink gemstones. The appeal of this gemstone lies in its clarity and its fine delicate pink nuances which often display a hint of violet. These are delicate, tender hues, feminine and seductive. With fashion in the mood to think pink, Kunzite is a fashion favorite. Affordable and available in large sizes, this icy pink to lilac gem is a perfect complement to all the pastels in your wardrobe and also stunning against black. 

The prices, uses and value of Kunzite can differ greatly, depending on the size and quality of the  individual gemstone. AJS Gems is your source for the highest quality colored gems from across the globe, available at Bangkok direct wholesale prices.

33.46 ct Kunzite Pendant in 18k White Gold
33.46 ct Kunzite and Diamond Pendant
in 18k White Gold


Why Buy Loose Gemstones Instead of Pre-Set Jewelry?
There are many reasons, but basically it boils down to value and choice.

When buying your Kunzite gemstone loose instead of pre-set, you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money.  Loose gemstones are less expensive, a better value, and you can really see what you are paying for. The most important part of getting the right price and finding the best value is to first see what you're getting.  A jewelry setting will hide the inclusions inside a gem, and can deepen or brighten its color.  With a loose stone you can much more easily inspect the gem and see it for what it really is.  In this way you can get a better idea of its true worth and be sure you are paying a fair price.

The second advantage of buying a loose gemstone is choice.  You are free to pick the exact color, cut, shape and variety of the stone for the setting of your dreams, be it yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver; prong set or bezel set with diamond accents.  You can experience the joy of creating your very own, one-of-a-kind jewelry design. Choose from a variety of jewelry settings and styles to create a completely original presentation that will perfectly suit your individual gemstone and will be as unique as you are!


Kunzite Ring                                                Kunzite Jewelry


At AJS Gems, you will find a large collection of fine quality Kunzite gemstones making your custom jewelry.



United States, Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Russia,  Myanmar ( Burma) and Sweden.
Color Pink, baby blush pink, powder pink, pastel pink to bubblegum pink, lilac, violet and purple.  Also colorless and rarely yellow, gray, green or blue.
Refractive Index 1.66
Chemical Composition  LiAl(SiO4)2
Hardness  7
Density  3.18
Crystal Structure Monoclinic
Month September
Zodiac Signs Leo, Scorpio and Taurus


Kunzite Crystal                                                  Kunzite


Kunzite is considered a Spodumene, it is composed of lithium, aluminum and silicate. Kunzite forms prismatic crystals that have the attribute of pleochroism, meaning that they display two or more colors depending on the viewing angle; usually the three colors that are present are violet, pink and clear. Kunzite is a hard gemstone and perfect for ornamental jewelry. High quality specimens are transparent and its value is usually based on the intensity of its colors and the quality of the crystal.

Kunzite is relatively hard, with a hardness of seven just like quartz. However, Kunzite should be handled with care because, like diamond, it has a distinct cleavage. A sharp blow, if it lands in the wrong place, can break it in two.

Kunzite should also be protected from heat as well as continued exposure to strong light which may gradually fade the color. Sunlight can be harmful for this stone, as prolonged exposure to sunlight will result in fading. Due to this reason it is often called the 'Evening Stone'.  Thus preferably jewelry consisting of this gemstone should be worn for evening functions and ceremonies. It should also not be worn daily and must be protected from harsh chemicals present in cleaning agents and cosmetics.

Kunzite has a refractive index of 1.66 and a vitreous surface luster.  The refractive index (RI), measured using a refractometer, is an indication of the amount light rays are bent by a mineral.  Birefringence is the difference between the minimum and maximum RI. When birefringence is high, light rays reflect off different parts of the back of a stone causing an apparent doubling of the back facets when viewed through the front facet. 

Most gems have a crystalline structure. Crystals have planes of symmetry and are divided into seven symmetry systems. The number of axes, their length, and their angle to each other determine the system to which a crystal belongs.  Kunzite crystalizes in the monoclinic crystal system.


Pink is the main color through which this stone carries its identification in the gemstone trade.  Althought its classic color is pink, Kunzite is found in several shades, some of them more popular than others. For instance, Kunzite can come in a beautiful and intense pink, pastel pink, bubblegum pink, light baby blush pink or power pink, or violet. The pink color appears due to the presence of manganese impurity in the chemical composition.

Kunzite is admired for its clarity and fine, delicate pink hues which often display a hint of violet. Darker shades of pink are considered more valuable but Kunzites are more commonly found displaying a fairly light color. The cut is crucial for Kunzites color because of its pleochromatic nature. Kunzite is trichroic, meaning it will exhibit three different colors when being viewed from different angles. Depending on the angle being viewed, the stone will appear violet, pink, or colorless, with the top of the stone revealing the deepest color.

The most important factor to consider when evaluating Kunzite is color. The more intense the color, the more valuable the stone will be. The clarity and brilliance will also have a significant effect on the value of the stone.


In the trade, kunzite is available in many beautiful cuts. It is one of the gems which are available in relatively large sizes at affordable prices.  It is the most crucial characteristic as the entire beauty of the stone is dependent on cutting. Cutter has to give the cut and shape to the stone keeping in mind the cleavage, splintery fracture and strong pleochroism. It is very difficult to cut this stone as it consists of perfect cleavage. It is sometimes a real challenge for the cutter to give a good cut to the stone. A good cut is a cut that exhibits the deepest pink color through the top of the gem. A genuine Kunzite is very difficult to be cut into smaller sizes. It is rarely cut in sizes with small magnitude. Common cuts are oval, pear, round, cushion, etc. 


Light colored Kunzite gemstones are often enhanced to darken the color through irradiation or heat treatment process. Improving color implies to darken the color of the stone. 

AJS Gems fully discloses any and all treatments to our gemstones.

Kunzite was first found in Connecticut. But the first commercially significant deposit was discovered in 1902 in the Pala region of California, where morganite beryl was also first discovered. Kunzite is often found in association with morganite and pink tourmaline, the other popular pink gemstones. Today most kunzite is mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar.  The finds in Afghanistan are particularly beautiful, displaying a deep pink color and gorgeous shades of violet.
Kunzite is considered a Spodumene, it is made from lithium, aluminum and silicate. Kunzite is usually found in pegmatite’s that are rich with lithium. Usually these gemstones are found in large masses weighing several kilograms and can be even larger. For instance the largest Spodumene ever found was over 47 feet long and weighed over 90 tons.  While Kunzite isn’t found in such huge masses it is found in large deposits that can yield rather larger gemstones.  The largest faceted kunzite is an 880-carat specimen on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

Kunzite is often referred to as the “evening” stone because of its sensitivity to direct sunlight and excess heat.

According to the gemstone pioneers, this evening stone opens the path of spirituality for the wearer. The reason being, it builds a perfect coordination between mind and heart. Moreover, its pink color is associated with the property of blending the energies of mind and heart. Therefore it is referred as a 'Stone of Balance' offering emotional calmness, peace, security, harmony and maturity.

Kunzite is said to augment the communication skills of the wearer as it enables him/her to interact better with others.

It is believed that Kunzite has the power to relieve a person from unwanted stress, anger and negative feelings.

Kunzite is a boon for those who have failed love affairs or broken marriages as it helps to get over the broken heart. It also aids in medical healing especially lung disorder.

Kunzite was named after the New York gemologist and jeweler George Frederick Kunz, as he was the first person to give a comprehensive description of the stone.


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