Color Change Garnet

Color-change garnet is a mixture of pyrope and spessartite garnet that displays different colors under daylight and incandescent light. This phenomenon is rare and valued by collectors. Under mixed lighting color-change garnet may appear dull and muddy; but under the right lighting it reveals its true colors.

How much is color-change garnet worth? The value of natural color-change garnet varies greatly depending on size, quality and color. Buying direct from AJS Gems you'll get the best value in the market.

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# GCC8447RU
Mixed, Lot
Unheated, Almost Loupe Clean
US $62.00
# GCC8494RU
6.10 x 5.00 x 3.30 mm
US $66.00
# GCC2808SR
6.10 x 4.10 x 2.70 mm
Unheated, Almost Loupe Clean
US $69.00