Blue - Blue Green Tourmaline

The blue color of tourmaline is known by the name indicolite. It is one of the rarest colors in tourmaline and fine blue and bluish-green specimens are sought after by collectors.

How much is fine blue tourmaline worth? The value of natural blue tourmaline can vary greatly depending on size, quality and color. Buying direct from AJS Gems you'll get the best value in the market.

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# TBG7115RU
8.70 x 4.30 x 3.30 mm
US $245.00
Blue Green Tourmaline - 1.40 carats
# TBG7561SS
7.48 x 5.81 x 5.54 mm
Loupe Clean, Unheated
US $229.00
Blue Tourmaline - 1.16 carats
# TBL3346RU
9.59 x 4.08 x 3.36 mm
Unheated, Slightly Included
US $169.00
Blue Green Tourmaline - 0.88 carats
# TBG3002MJ
Mixed, Set
Unheated, Eye Clean
US $165.00
# TGN8332JJ
6.99 x 5.65 x 4.01 mm
Unheated, Almost Loupe Clean
US $159.00
# TBG8728MJ
Unheated, Eye Clean
US $125.00