Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

 Anniversary Gemstones


List of Anniversary Stones
 Year 01   Gold Jewelry
 Year 02   Garnet
 Year 03   Pearl
 Year 04   Blue Topaz
 Year 05   Sapphire
 Year 06   Amethyst
 Year 07   Onyx
 Year 08   Tourmaline
 Year 09   Lapis Lazuli
 Year 10   Diamond
 Year 11  Turquoise
 Year 12   Jade
 Year 13   Citrine
 Year 14   Opal
 Year 15   Ruby
 Year 16   Peridot
 Year 17   Watch
 Year 18   Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl 
 Year 19   Aquamarine
 Year 20   Emerald
 Year 21   Iolite
 Year 22   Spinel
 Year 23   Imperial Topaz
 Year 24   Tanzanite
 Year 25   Sterling Silver
 Year 30   Pearl
 Year 35   Emerald
 Year 40   Ruby
 Year 45   Sapphire
 Year 50   Gold
 Year 55   Alexandrite
 Year 60   Diamond
 Year 65   Star Saphire
 Year 75   Diamond

A wedding anniversary is typically the most meaningful occasion for an important jewelry gift. High quality gemstone jewelry is a gift of lasting value and the major wedding anniversaries (first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth, etc.) in particular are often commemorated with something special.

Many women have definite preferences for anniversary jewelry. But for men who are unsure about what to buy, there is a list of anniversary stones that has been endorsed by jewelry organizations, such as the Jewelers of America and the American Gem Society. This list was inspired by the work of Emily Post in the 1920's, who first suggested a set of gifts appropriate for the different wedding anniversaries.

The list is structured so that the finer gemstones are assigned to the major anniversaries, with sapphire (5, 45, 65), diamond (10, 60, 75), ruby (15, 40), emerald (20, 35) and alexandrite (55) having prominent positions. Most of the well known colored stones are represented in the list, as well as some lesser known gems such as spinel, iolite and imperial topaz.

We have years of experience helping our customers select fine gemstones for special anniversary gifts. Our expert staff will help you choose a high quality gem that will delight your partner and fit your budget. We also work with custom jewelers here in Bangkok to set our gems in 18k gold rings, pendants and earrings. 

See our Gemstone Jewelry Gallery for custom designs created by AJS Gems and our customers.

Blue Star Sapphire Burma Mahenge Spinel Tanzania Peridot Burma  Diamond
 Star Sapphire Spinel  Peridot Diamond