A Very Fine 5 ct Burma Blue Sapphire

5.09 ct Unheated Burma Sapphire
5.09 ct Burma Sapphire

The finest sapphires in the world come from Kashmir. But there haven't been any significant Kashmir sapphires mined in more than 100 years. Today the best sapphires comes from 3 locations: Burma, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Of these 3 locations, Burmese sapphires are the rarest. Mining efforts in Burma have tended to concentrate on ruby, so there are not many Burmese sapphires in the market. But very occasionally we see a Burma sapphire that rivals the legendary Kashmir stones.

The 5.09 ct blue sapphire from Mogok, Burma shown above is such a gem. Completely untreated, it displays a vivid royal blue with remarkable saturation. The richness and consistency of the color and the velvety texture is due in part to fine rutile silk inclusions that disperse light. The color is truly exceptional, with a saturation rarely found in any blue sapphire.

See the video of this remarkable gemstone below.

This exceptional gem is completely natural and untreated, and certified by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS), with the color noted as "vivid blue (GRS type "royal blue"). This gem was sold to a private collector in January 2013. 

5.09 ct Burma Sapphire GRS Certificate

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