A Stunning Natural White Sapphire

8.60 ct Unheated White Sapphire, Ceylon
8.60 ct White Sapphire, Ceylon

The mineral corundum is colorless in its pure form. The many color variations are the result of the presence of trace elements such as titanium (blue sapphire), iron (yellow sapphire) or chromium (ruby and pink sapphire). 

Though the vivid colors of corundum are understandably highly valued, from time to time we come across a fine white sapphire that reminds us just how beautiful colorless corundum can be.

Some time ago we acquired a stunning 8.60 ct white sapphire from Sri Lanka, 100% natural and unheated. Beautifully fashioned in a princess cut to maximize its brilliance and fire, this is an exceptionally clean gem that we've graded "loupe clean," our highest clarity grade. 

Most unheated white sapphires have a tinge of color, but this fine gem is a pure diamond white. View our video below to appreciate the brilliance of this fine gemstone.

This is a completely natural and untreated gem, certified as unheated by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS). This exceptional sapphire was a special gem in our collection. It was sold to a private collector in October, 2012.


GRS certificate 8.60 ct White Sapphire

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