A Rare 11.16 ct Star Spinel from Tanzania


11.16 ct Star Spinel

Any spinel displaying the star effect is very rare, but high quality specimens over 5 carats are almost unheard of. But this amazing gem goes beyond rare -- in addition to its large size it also has outstanding body color AND incredible transparency.

This very fine star spinel is 11.16 carats in weight and slightly more than 12 mm in diameter. It is almost perfectly round with a depth of 7.6 mm. The body color is a rich purple reminiscent of grape jelly, with a sharp star that appears under a strong focussed light. The color consistency is excellent and the gem is not just translucent, but transparent. 

View our video below to see the star effect in this remarkable gem.

This is a completely natural and untreated gem, certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), with color noted as "grayish purple" and transparency as "transparent." This is one of the most unusual spinels we have ever owned. It was sold to a custom jeweler in January, 2013. 

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