A Perfect 4 ct Tsavorite Garnet

4.17 ct Tsavorite Garnet from East Africa

Colored gemstones are products of nature, and very few are perfect. In fact any gem quality mineral is sufficiently rare to count as a marvel. But like humans, even the best ones tend to have their small imperfections.

Very occasionally we will come across a gemstone that approaches perfection. When we find one in a rare variety and in a large size as well, we know we've found something very special indeed.

On a recent trip to East Africa we were lucky to purchase an outstanding 4.17 ct tsavorite garnet. All tsavorites are rare, and they tend to be found only in smaller sizes. Any high quality specimen over 2 carats counts as very rare, and 4+ carat stones are exceptionally rare.

But this tsavorite was not only very large, it is nearly as perfect as one could hope to find. The color is a rich but bright chrome green that rivals the finest emerald. Perfectly cut in an elegant cushion, this gem display full brilliance and fire. This is also an exceptionally clean stone and we've given this gem our highest clarity grade ("loupe clean"). 

View our video below of this outstanding gem.

This tsavorite is completely natural and untreated and was one of the finest specimens in our entire collection. It was sold to a private collector in January, 2013.

4.17 ctsTsavorite Certificate