May 2021 Newsletter: Blue-Green Tourmaline from Namibia

Unlike the diamond market, the colored gemstone market is supply-limited -- the demand for fine material is always greater than the supply. So it's an exciting time when interesting new colored stones come on the market. Many of the finest gems in our collection were acquired when we were early buyers of material from a new deposit.

In the last few years we have seen some really special material reach the market -- intense Royal Purple Garnet from Mozambique, outstanding Pink Morganite from Madagascar, and vibrant blue and blue-green Tourmaline from Namibia. This month we highlight these unique Namibian Tourmalines.

Recently some extraordinary blue Tourmaline has been discovered in Namibia in southern Africa. They include some pure blues, some teal blues and some wonderful blue-green gems that inspire color descriptions like mint, lagoon, vivid and vibrant.

Over the years we have seen fine blue-green Tourmaline from Nigeria, Mozambique, Brazil and Afghanistan. But this Namibian material is among the most beautiful and vivid we've seen.

We feature some stunning examples in this month's Notable Gems. These are very high quality gems with outstanding clarity and vibrant and open colors. The rarity and beauty of these gems makes them an important addition to any gem collection. We think they are among the most exciting colored stones to reach the market in recent years.

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Notable Gems from the AJS Collection

This month we feature some of the finest Namibian Blue-Green Tourmalines from our recent acquisitions. Click on any gem photo for details.

7.54 ct Mint Tourmaline from Namibia
Perfect for springtime, a mouth watering Mint Green Tourmaline, with a bright blue green color, great saturation and excellent clarity. This fine gem has nice proportions and a sharp scissor cut, that brings out the color and luster of this fine material. A perfect gem for your next jewelry design or as gift for someone special. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

9.83 ct Vivid Blue Green Tourmaline from Namibia

9.83 ct Vivid Blue Green Tourmaline from Namibia  [SOLD]
An outstanding Vivid Blue Green Tourmaline from Namibia with a gorgeous mint green color. This is a very bright stone with wonderful fire, perfectly clean and precision cut for maximum brilliance. A superb gem for your next jewelry design or as gift for someone special. Guaranteed natural and untreated.
2.84 ct Vibrant Blue Tourmaline Matched Pair from Namibia

A fine pair of loupe clean, vibrant Blue Tourmalines from the new find in Namibia, they will make a perfect pair of earrings. This new Namibian material is made from beautiful crystal and is completely clean with a lovely Caribbean sea blue color. They have been fashioned into well-proportioned cushion cuts that are full of life with excellent brilliance. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

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2.93 ct Blue Green Tourmaline from Namibia

An exquisite Lagoon Blue Green Tourmaline from Namibia. Bright and vivid color and clean and beautifully cut. Perfect size for an elegant ring. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

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3.97 ct Vivid Lagoon Blue Green Tourmaline from Namibia

A fine loupe clean, Lagoon Blue Green Tourmaline from the new find in Namibia, in a perfect size for a beautiful ring! This new Namibian material is beautiful crystal and is completely clean with a lovely teal blue, fashioned in a well-proportioned cushion cut full of life, with excellent brilliance.

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26.81 ct Mint Tourmaline

A spectacular Mint Tourmaline from Namibia in a exceptionally large size. This rare gem displays a sweet blue-green color with outstanding saturation. This is completely clean material that has been perfectly cut in a well-proportioned pear shape, perfect for an important pendant. A wonderful piece for the rare gem collector. Guaranteed natural and untreated

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Ask the Gem Experts

Each month we answer questions from our customers. We welcome your questions and you can submit a question from our contact page.

Given the terrible situation in Myanmar, I hope you will give thought to reducing your sourcing of gems from there called “Burmese”. The military derives much of its operating funds through their direct control of this market. The coup’s aftermath has been a tragedy for the people there who lived for 50 years under the military’s merciless rule. JW, USA

It has been our policy for many years to avoid sourcing gems from the military government in Myanmar, including the government auctions and mining companies owned by or controlled by the military. We source gems only from independent miners and dealers in Myanmar, with the goal of helping ordinary Burmese people survive during these trying times.
As supporters of a free and democratic Burma, we have documented the ban on Burma Ruby and Jadeite since 2003. We are glad to see that the new U.S. administration has now made the crucial distinction between sanctions against the military junta and the gemstone trade in general.
On February 11, US President Joe Biden’s administration banned US companies from transacting with three entities that, it claimed, were associated with the perpetrators of the takeover: Myanmar Ruby Enterprise, Myanmar Imperial Jade Co., and Cancri (Gems and Jewellery) Co.
Crucially, the US did not blacklist all gemstones coming out of Myanmar .This contrasts with the old sanctions regime, the Tom Lantos Block Burmese JADE (Junta’s Anti-Democratic Efforts) Act, which lasted from 2008 until 2016 but attracted criticism for harming the wrong people, the independent gemstone miners and dealers who have there who lived for 50 years under military dictatorship.
For more information see our article, The Ban on Burma Ruby and Jade: Latest News




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