June 2020 Newsletter: Matched Pairs and Suites

Rare gems are even more valuable when found in a matching pair or suite, and they make wonderful gifts for someone special.

Most fine gems are one-of-a-kind, especially in larger sizes. The most opportune time to match up gems is when the rough stone is cut. Sometimes a parcel of similar material will yield a matching pair without much sacrifice of weight. Very occasionally a more elaborate suite is possible, with matching stones for ring, pendant and earrings.

During the cutting process we are always looking for opportunities to create matching sets. When you buy a fine gemstone from AJS Gems, you buy our eye as well as our gem.

Our collection of matched pairs and suites is always changing, but we currently have an excellent selection of pairs in a number of varieties, including Aquamarine, Black Star Sapphire, Imperial Topaz, Morganite, Royal Purple Garnet, Blue Tourmaline and Spessartite Garnet.

We can set a fine pair or suite in custom jewelry just for you. You can see examples in our Jewelry Gallery.

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Notable Gems from the AJS Collection

This month we feature some special matched pairs and suites from our collection. Click on any gem for details.

4.65 ct Santa Maria Aquamarine Matched Pair from Brazil
4.65 ct Santa Maria Aquamarine Matched Pair from Brazil  [SOLD]
The finest Aquamarines come from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil. They are famed for their unusually deep blue saturation. This gorgeous matched pair of 9 x 7 mm octagons is an excellent example, completely clean and beautifully cut. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

10.74 ct Morganite Suite from Brazil

A unique matched set of pastel Pink Morganites, suitable for a ring or pendant and earrings. The suite is very fine, with outstanding clarity and brilliance. The gems in the matched pair are 10 mm, with a total weight of 6.41 ct. The slightly larger single gem is 11 mm, with a weight of 4.33 cts. Guaranteed natural and untreated.
8.22 ct Peridot Matched Pair from Pakistan

A very fine matched pair of Peridots from Pakistan. A striking vivid green, these 10 mm rounds are completely clean and beautifully cut and will make an outstanding pair of earrings. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

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62.38 ct Black Star Sapphire Suite from Thailand

An excellent matched set of Black Star Sapphires. This is a perfect trio of stones for a ring/earrings set or pendant/earring set. The three gems all have great stars, bright, sharp and well matched. The stones have been carefully cut and polished for great shape and full luster. The large single gem is 30.52 cts, 19.24 x 16.51 x 8.41 mm. The matched pair has a total weight of 31.86 cts, with each gem about 14.81 x 12.96 x 7.30 mm. Guaranteed natural.

7.09 ct Blue Zircon Matched Pair from Cambodia

7.09 ct Blue Zircon Matched Pair from Cambodia  [SOLD]

A wonderful matched pair of fine Blue Zircons from Cambodia! Vivid color with excellent clarity and superb brilliance, these will make a stunning pair of earrings. Guaranteed natural.

5.22 ct Royal Purple Garnet Matched Pair from Mozambique

A gorgeous matched pair of Royal Purple Garnet pears from Mozambique! This is beautiful clean material with a vivid open color. Under cool light, these gems display a rich purple hue, changing to cranberry with magenta flashes under incandescent light. These rare gems will make an exceptional pair of earrings. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

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