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Notable Gems from the AJS Collection

This month we feature some fine new acquisitions to our collection in the blue and green color range.

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5.70 ct Aquamarine from Brazil

5.70 ct Aquamarine from Brazil  [SOLD]

A superb blue aquamarine in a medium size. This fine gem has excellent color saturation and tone and is an exceptional color for its size (usually only large aquas can display a deeper blue). This unusually fine material is perfectly clean and has been precision cut in a square octagon shape. This is an aquamarine to delight the most discerning collector. Guaranteed natural and untreated

6.00 ct Tsavorite Garnet from Tanzania

6.00 ct Tsavorite Garnet from Tanzania  [SOLD]

A fine cabochon tsavorite in a medium chrome green. This is highly translucent material in a large size at a very attractive price. This lovely pear shape will set up beautifully in your jewelry design. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

12.70 ct Blue Zircon from Cambodia

A dazzling large zircon in a vivd blue! This is beautiful material, very clean, with superb brilliance and sparkle. Well cut with excellent luster, this large zircon will make an impressive ring or pendant.

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169.94 ct Gem Silica from Arizona

169.94 ct Gem Silica from Ray Mine, Arizona  [SOLD]

A splendid large gem silica specimen from the famous Ray Mine in Arizona. This large crystal is a vivid greenish blue and the gemmy material displays considerable translucency. This 169 carat specimen stands over 50 mm tall and the sculptural shape is a product of nature. A treasure for the gem silica collector .. guaranteed natural and untreated.


5.37 ct Oligoclase from Kenya

5.37 ct Oligoclase [SOLD]

A lovely example of transparent oligoclase from East Africa. The color is an attractive pastel green with blue and gold flashes. This 5 carat cushion is nice and bright and is perfectly sized for a unique ring. Guaranteed natural and untreated.

14.41 ct Aquamarine and Morganite Matched Pair from Brazil

14.41 ct Aquamarine and Morganite Matched Pair from Brazil  [SOLD]

An unusual and unique matched pair of very fine beryls -- an aquamarine and a morganite. These large pears are beautifully matched and completely clean, and will make a gorgeous set of drop earrings. Truly a one-of-a-kind set for the colored gemstone collector ... guaranteed natural and untreated.

News from AJS and the Gems World

  • 25 ct Burma Ruby sells for $30 million at Sotheby's

    Sotheby's set a new record for colored gemstones with the sale of a 25.59 ct pigeon blood Burma Ruby for $30.3 million ($1.1 million per carat) at their Geneva sale. Part of a collection of Cartier jewels, the "Sunrise Ruby" sold for twice its pre-sale estimated price.

  • Christie's sells 35 ct Kashmir Sapphire for $7 million

    Christie's set a new record for sapphire with the sale of a 35.09 ct Kashmir cushion for $7.3 million. They also sold a 5.18 ct fancy vivid pink diamond for $10.7 million.



Ask the Gem Experts

Each month we answer questions from our customers. We welcome your questions and you can submit a question from our contact page.

Could you explain why blue topaz is so inexpensive compared to aquamarine which is similar colour? FH, New Zealand

Blue topaz is a very common material because it is produced by treating cheap colorless topaz with radiation. Indeed, the cost of the material is mainly in the cost of the irradiation process. The color of aquamarine is usually completely natural, and aquamarine with a fine blue color is quite rare. Hence the difference in price.


I love opal but I hear it is not durable enough for a ring. Can you advise? JB, USA

Opal has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5, so it is somewhat soft. It can acquire scratches, but cut as a cabochon it is fairly durable. Opal is not a good choice for an everyday ring, but opal rings have been popular for centuries, so if you are careful with your opal ring and wear it on an occasional basis, it should last for a long time. A protective setting can be helpful as well.


All the best in gems,

Arnold, Rung & Ron