A Gorgeous 6 ct Cherry Red Mahenge Spinel

6.02 ct Mahenge Spinel, Tanzania
6.02 ct Spinel
Mahenge, Tanzania

In 2007 several huge spinel crystals were discovered at Ipanko, near the town of Mahenge, in Tanzania. The largest of these, a 52 kg pyramid-shaped stone, displayed a neon pink-red that is among the finest spinel ever found. Though the final yield of gemmy material from this rough was only a few percent, the stone yielded several thousand carats of valuable gems. The rough was faceted in Bangkok and AJS Gems was lucky enough to acquire some of the best of this rare material.

Most of the high quality Mahenge spinel is a highly saturated pinkish-red, sometimes with an orange secondary hue. Occasionally we find pieces that are nearly red, like the 6.02 ct beauty pictured above. This gorgeous gem is a slightly pinkish cherry red, and it shows the distinctive Mahenge glow, especially under low light conditions. 

The superb color and large size make this a very rare gem indeed. But the crystal is also first rate and we have given this unusual spinel a clarity grade of "almost loupe clean."

See the video of this remarkable gemstone below.

This exceptional gem is completely natural and untreated, and certified by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS), with the color noted as "vibrant" pinkish-red. This gem was sold to a private collector in August 2012. 

6.02 ct Mahenge Spinel GRS Certificate

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