Fine Gemstones, the AJS Way

Top Grade Blue Sapphire 5.35cts

Top Grade Blue Sapphire

We source fine gem material from mines around the world, from Sri Lanka and Burma in Asia to Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique and Nigeria in Africa. Our collection includes the finest ruby and sapphire as well as spinel, tourmaline and rare minerals like gem silica and jeremejevite.

We have built a network of trusted contacts from our many visits to the mining locations, and we buy only the best material we can find, typically the top 1% of production. We pay fair prices to the miners and mine owners, supporting development in the mining countries.

Pigeon's Blood Ruby 3.01 cts

Pigeon's Blood Ruby

We cut many of our gems ourselves here in Bangkok, and many of our gems are precision cut by master cutters. We reach the international market via our website and major gems shows. Over the years we have assembled a notable collection of fine gems and our gems have been set in jewelry by many of the world's top designers.

We can say with confidence that we offer the best prices in the market on the high quality gems we sell. You will certainly find gems at lower prices, but you will simply not find high grade, well-cut gemstones at lower prices.

Most of the gemstones in the market are lower grade material, referred to in the trade as commercial grade. These gems suffer from mediocre color or clarity, and are typically poorly cut, lacking brilliance and fire. The difference between a fine gem and a commercial-grade stone is significant, and obvious to any buyer who has spent some time looking at gemstones.

Fine Imperial Topaz

Fine Imperial Topaz

Occasionally we find high quality gem material that has been poorly cut, resulting in a window (area of reduced color in the center) or extinction (dark areas). We completely recut these stones to bring out the full brilliance and luster of the material. Since the recutting process involves some loss of material -- often 25-30% -- the per carat price of the precision-cut gem will always be higher. But the properly cut stone comes alive with increased brilliance and fire.

When comparing the price of gems, it is crucial to take quality factors into account. In the world of diamonds, standardized grading makes this easier. In colored stones, you have to pay close attention to differences in color saturation, clarity and cutting. Price per carat is usually a good guide to quality when buying from reputable dealers.

Blue Green Tourmaline, Mozambique Mahenge Spinel, Tanzania
Blue Green Tourmaline
Mahenge Spinel



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