December 2020 Newsletter: Rare Burma Ruby

The rarest and most valuable of all colored gemstones are Kashmir Sapphire and Burma Ruby. The famed sapphires from Kashmir have not been mined for more than 100 years and you will rarely see a high quality specimen in the market, even at auction. Burma Rubies are still being mined, but production has slowed to a trickle, and few Rubies over 1 carat are being found. Inevitably Burma Rubies will become ultra rare as well.

Why are natural Rubies so valuable? The color red, long associated with fire, passion and energy, is one of the rarest colors in the gems world. The purest reds are the Rubies from an area in Burma known as the Mogok Stone Tract, about 200 km north of Mandalay. This region has been famous for centuries for fine pigeon blood ruby with a distinctive fluorescence.

While fine Burma Rubies continue to be the most valuable in the world, Ruby production from Burma has declined significantly in recent years and most of the larger rubies entering the market are now from other sources, particularly Mozambique and Madagascar.

The best of the African Rubies can have a pigeon blood red color, but due to their higher iron content, they don't have the marvelous fluorescence of the Burmese gems. So Burma Rubies will continue to be the ne plus ultra for colored gemstone collectors and one of the best of all investment gems.

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Notable Gems from the AJS Collection

This month we feature rare Burma Rubies, both loose gems and finished jewelry pieces, and even a special polished crystal. Click on any gem photo for details.

3.01 ct Burma Ruby and Diamond Ring
A vivid pigeon's blood red Burma Ruby over 3 carats set in an elegant ring with diamonds. This is a fantastic Burmese Ruby with top color and intense saturation. This magnificent gem has been cut into a fine trillion shape, a lovely and unusual design for a Ruby this large. Certified as "pigeon's blood red" by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS), this rare Ruby has been set in an 18k white gold ring with 32 fine white diamonds with a total weight of 0.38 cts. This is an outstanding piece of jewelry for the rare gem collector.

1.32 ct Burma Ruby

A fine pigeon blood red Ruby from Burma in a hard-to-find emerald cut. This is beautiful material, exceptionally clean, and well cut to maximize its brilliance and fire. This lovely Ruby will make wonderful jewelry that your family will treasure. Certified by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) with the color graded as "vivid red" (GRS-type "pigeon's blood"), the top color for Ruby.
2.30 ct Matched Pair of Burma Rubies

A very fine matched pair of high quality Burma rubies, over 1 carat each (7 x 5 mm). The color is a rich pigeon blood red with bright red flashes. Clean and well cut, these will make gorgeous earrings for someone special.

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2.03 ct Burma Ruby and Diamond Pendant

A passionate Burma Ruby heart set in an elegant 18k white gold pendant with diamonds. The 2.03 ct Burma Ruby is an exceptional stone with a fully saturated color. Certified as vivid red "pigeon's blood red" by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS). The pendant features 33 fine white diamonds with a total weight of 0.28 cts. This is an exquisite piece of jewelry that will make a very special gift.

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1.31 ct Burma Ruby

A beautiful Burma Ruby with a warm medium red glow. This Ruby has been superbly cut into pear shape, with a smooth polish for a divine overall effect.This bright stone is ready to be set into a wonderful piece of jewelry. This is a pretty stone that looks even better than the picture. Certified by GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) with the color graded as "intense to vivid red" (GRS-type "pigeon's blood"), the top color for Ruby.

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1.05 ct Burma Ruby Crystal

A unique pigeon blood red Ruby crystal from Burma. The faces of this natural crystal have been polished, but the crystal has not been faceted in a conventional shape due to its beautiful shape and size.  Very fine tranlucent material, clean with a glowing luster that will set up into a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

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Ask the Gem Experts

Each month we answer questions from our customers. We welcome your questions and you can submit a question from our contact page.

How do I determine the grading for your gems? Should I go by the clarity grade? LH, Singapore

Actually the clarity grade is only one factor in grading a gem, and usually not the most important factor. Color is paramount in colored gemstones, and we consider all the color parameters (hue, saturation and tone) when grading our gems. Clarity and cut are the next most important considerations. Size and rarity also come into play when we price our gems.

Grading colored gems is as much an art as a science, and it takes some years of experience comparing gems to be able to do it accurately and consistently. There are different grading standards for the different gem varieties as well.

We indicate our grading in the comments we provide on the detail pages for many of our gems, and in the price we ask for our gems. If you compare our Tanzanites, for example, comparing the price per carat for different gems, especially gems of similar weight, will tell you which ones have been assigned a higher grade.



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