Custom Jewelry

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring Aquamarine and Diamond Ring side view
Santa Maria Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold

If you want a top grade colored gemstone, the best source is a specialized gem dealer. This will give you access to a range of choice and quality that you simply won't find in commercial jewelry.

But once you've purchased that fine gemstone from a gem dealer, you face the challenge of where you will have it set in jewelry.

There are excellent custom jewelers all over the world, but many jewelers are reluctant to set a gemstone that you bought from another dealer. One reason is purely commercial -- the jeweler would like to sell you a stone as well as a setting.

But another, less obvious reason, is equally important -- when the jeweler sets your valuable gem, he should be liable for any damage to the gem that may occur during the setting process. Some jewelers are not willing to accept the liability, but may take on the job anyway, possibly leading to unpleasant disputes if a mishap occurs during setting.


Why have your gem set by AJS Gems?

One reason is cost -- while the price of precious metals are the same all over the world, labor costs are much lower here in Bangkok. Thailand is one of the world's centers for jewelry manufacturing, and there are skilled artisans who can do the finest work. We are now working with an excellent custom jeweler here who can execute almost any design, probably at a fraction of the cost you would pay a jeweler in your country.

Another reason is having a single point of contact for the entire process -- the selection of your gem, the design of your jewelry, and fabrication of the finished piece. We take considerable care to understand your needs and your budget and are always ready to suggest design options. We guarantee high quality work and we take full responsibility for every gem we set.

Moonstone and Tanzanite Pendant
Moonstone and Tanzanite Pendant
in 18k White Gold

We look forward to setting one of our fine gemstones in a unique jewelry setting, designed by you and executed by our expert goldsmiths in Thailand. If you love gemstones, it's an experience not to be missed.


The Process

The first step in the process is to select a fine gemstone from our collection. We are always glad to make recommendations based on your jewelry concept and budget.

Next is the design phase where you select your design and your preferred metal. We work mainly in 14k and 18k gold in your desired color (white, yellow or rose gold) and we can do special projects in 950 platinum when required. Please note that we don't make silver jewelry.

We can fabricate nearly any design, so you are welcome to send us a photo of a piece of jewelry you admire and we can adapt it to meet your needs. You can also solicit the advice of our experienced staff and we'll be happy to make recommendations. We tend to favor classic designs that show our fine gems to their best advantage. Since the design will be custom made for you, you can specify details such as the width of the band, the shape of the prongs and the size and shape of the side stones. You can see some of the designs we've done recently in our Gemstone Jewelry Gallery. You can find your ring size in our Ring Size Chart.

Once we finalize the design with our jeweler, we will send you a price quote on the setting. Upon your approval, we'll begin the fabrication stage, which takes about 10-14 days.

The first step in the fabrication is to carve a custom wax model of the setting. This is not just a representation of the design, but the actual model that will be used for casting the final setting into metal, using the lost wax technique. At this point it is still possible to make small modifications to the design.

Wax model for Pink Sapphire Ring 1 Wax model for Pink Sapphire Ring 2
Wax Model for 4.17 ct Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Once we've finalized the wax model we send it for casting. The wax is placed in a metal cylinder and investment plaster is poured over the wax. The plaster is then cured in a kiln where the wax melts as the heat rises, leaving a cavity in the exact shape of the wax model. Molten metal is then poured into the plaster to create the mounting.

The final phase involves the filing of the cast mounting, the setting of the gemstones and the final polishing. All of our custom pieces are stamped with a certification of the metal used (18k or 14k for gold) and we add our AJS stamp as well as a guarantee of quality.

4.17 ct Pink Sapphire Ring in 18k White Gold 4.17 ct Pink Sapphire Ring in 18k White Gold, side view
4.17 ct Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold